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Tourism Authority of Panama Teams Up with the Smithosian Tropical Research Institute to Strenghten Tourism Experiences

Tourism Authority of Panama Teams Up with the Smithosian Tropical Research Institute to Strenghten Tourism Experiences

PANAMA CITY, PANAMA – May 19, 2021 – For almost a century, via its research in Panama, the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) has made the tropical rainforests of Barro Colorado Island in the Panama Canal Watershed the most intensively studied in the world. The Panama Canal Watershed features a plethora of ecotourism activities fit for adventure seekers, culture mavens, and water lovers, including kayaking, indigenous villages, and boat tours on the canal. Travelers can also learn about Panama’s biodiversity and the Canal’s history by visiting two Smithsonian affiliate museums: the Panama Canal Museum and the Biomuseo (worldwide, only Panama, Puerto Rico and the United States have entities affiliated to this prestigious organization).


In its efforts to strengthen Panama’s sustainable tourism experiences and increase competitiveness as a tourist destination, the acting director of STRI, Dr. Oris Sanjur, and Panama’s Minister of Tourism, Ivan Eskildsen, signed a cooperation agreement where both entities will come together to support the Tourism, Conservation and Research (TCI) strategy which is currently being implemented by the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP).


“The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute has a long-standing relationship with Panama and has established centers and research facilities throughout our country. Attracting scientists, explorers and wanderers from around the globe to their visitor centers and scientists from international universities to the research stations, they have helped make Panama one of the most studied areas in the world,” said Ivan Eskildsen, Panama’s Minister of Tourism. “We couldn’t be more excited to be working with the STRI to enhance our biodiverse tourism experiences.”


The agreement supports the TCI strategy and will further contribute to the development of the destination’s heritage routes, which were launched as part of Panama’s Master Plan for Sustainable Tourism. A network of circuits that highlight the extraordinary richness and diversity of Panama’s natural and cultural heritage, the routes focus on three core areas: Cultural Heritage (multifaceted culture), Green Heritage (unique biodiversity), and Blue Heritage (ocean wonders).


ATP will support the STRI in developing its scientific, educational, and conservation activities in Panama with an emphasis on attracting travelers to its visitor centers and scientific stations. STRI will collaborate with ATP by providing audiovisual material to promote tourism on the institution’s websites, social media platforms, and presentations developed by the institution. This partnership is aimed at enhancing the experiences available today as well as those in development.


The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, headquartered in Panama City, Panama, is a unit of the Smithsonian Institution. The Institute furthers the understanding of tropical biodiversity and its importance to human welfare, trains students to conduct research in the tropics and promotes conservation by increasing public awareness of the beauty and importance of tropical ecosystems.


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While famous for the 48-mile canal that connects the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, Panama’s rich history, culture, natural beauty, and remote locations are best experienced through the destination’s three heritage routes – Cultural Heritage, Blue Heritage, and Green Heritage.


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