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Written By: Andy Ogg, Editor and Marketing Director – Travel Professional NEWS


Working in the Travel Industry and not being a frequent traveller is quite the oxymoron.  In our world, that is the case. Due to a wild and wonderful 4 year old and another little one arriving in June, traveling is just not on the list of high priorities at this point in our life. That being said, with our coming child, my wife and I decided to do a “BabyMoon” to enjoy some time together before the chaos of newborn life ensues.  


What is a BabyMoon?  

Simply put, it’s a great excuse, for parents who are expecting, to spend some time together before all chaos begins. Before the late nights, crying, dirty diapers, and doctor appointments take over, it’s an opportunity to connect. We did not do a BabyMoon when Peyton, our 4 year old daughter, was in utero due to my busy work schedule at the time, however, I recommend it to any couple expecting. Whether it’s your first child or fourth, taking some time for Mom and Dad can be a great “reset” to start with.  


The Story 

Being based in San Diego, California, we are blessed to be close to some amazing attractions, locations and hotel properties. Being 7 months pregnant, my wife and I knew that we weren’t looking for any late nights, but a nice break away from the daily routine. My amazing parents, Tom and Joanie Ogg, took our 4 year old for the night and Angie and I headed down to San Diego for our first “BabyMoon” experience.  


We chose to stay at the US Grant, a Luxury Collection Hotel. With it’s location smack in the heart of downtown San Diego, we were excited for our first stay at this iconic hotel. We arrived and were greeted by the valet, who was not only polite but beyond willing to assist us with our bags as we handed over the keys for the night. As we walked in to the high ceilings, crystal chandeliers, and marble flooring, we both felt a bit underdressed. None the less, we headed to check in for our big night.  


Check in was, by far, the easiest and most polite situations that I have ever encountered. The employees willingness to help us was overwhelming and although we declined, I left knowing that the staff at the US Grant was well positioned in their customer service goals and have mastered them well. 


The room was beautiful and all we could ask for. A beautiful view of the courtyard awaited outside of our massive room-wide windows and the plush bed was a perfect fit after a long day of packing and driving for my wife. While she put her feet up for a few minutes, I answered a knock at the door, a knock that wasn’t expected.  


The Moment 

We were greeted by a employee of the US Grant holding a tray of fruits, snacks, waters, and a gift bag, something that we didn’t plan for. He handed the items over and we eagerly dug in to find what was concealed. We were in awe. 


Not only did the US Grant deliver snacks, a pregnant woman’s requirement, but they also included a children’s book “Good Night San Diego,” and a very thoughtful card, congratulating us on our coming child. At first, we thought my parents were behind the surprise but after checking with them, it wasn’t them, it was the hotel.  


The surprise led to questioning, “How did they know we were here on a BabyMoon?”  


I suppose my wife’s beautiful belly may have given it away as we checked in, however, the surprise and thoughtfulness it contained blew us away and has left an ever lasting impact. After our return, we found out that my mother, Joanie, had disclosed that we were going to be staying at the US Grant for our BabyMoon, thus putting the very generous gift in motion. She didn’t request it but the hotel took note of the event and made the action happen under their own will.  


In addition to the gift, we returned from our dinner to find the room completely set up for a restful sleep. With music playing, lights dimmed, curtains closed, and pillows fluffed with a mint chocolate on them, we were again, amazed with this high quality of service that the US Grant delivered. 


The Take Home 

The act of kindness offered by the US Grant inspired me to not only thank them profusely as we departed the next day, but also drove me to write reviews on every possible outlet sharing our experience. We shared the surprise, thoughtfulness as well as our thoughts on the beautiful property with ease, as the experience warranted the truth to be shared.  


Taking that one extra step to ensure your clients are not only surprised on their journey isn’t all that difficult. It takes that one extra email, that one extra phone call and it could result in the difference between a one time booking and a client for life. Take that extra step with every booking as it could pay dividends 10 times over in the long run. 


As a result of our trip, we will forever recommend the US Grant to anyone looking for accommodations in downtown San Diego. They have not only gained customers in us, but also advocates for their property, service and care.  


A brand advocate can be better than any marketing efforts available in todays time. Even with all of the reviews, star ratings and impressive photos, there is nothing more powerful than a positive experience from someone you know and trust.  


Are you taking the extra step to show your clients your appreciation?  


Are you building brand advocates?