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Small ships….BIG Explorations with Un-Cruise Adventures 

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It’s often said the best gifts come in small packages, and when it comes to the gift of travel by adventure and river cruise, there’s no truer sentiment. Since 1996, Un-Cruise Adventures has provided enriching adventure travel experiences that inspire and connect our guests with the natural world, history, and cultures, creating unforgettable, lifelong memories. Aboard our 22- to 88-guest boutique yachts, expedition vessels, and replica coastal steamer, it’s all about the experience—guests more than just see, they do—getting in on the action, stepping deep into history, and going up-close to wildlife and wilderness.


Adventure Cruises

Alaska, Mexico’s Sea of Cortés, the Hawaiian Islands, Costa Rica, Panamá, Galápagos, coastal Washington, and British Columbia….throughout the centuries these have been destinations that inspired the most intrepid explorers. Like the expeditions that came before, no two Un-Cruise Adventures departures are ever the same and aboard our adventure cruises, active exploration tops each day’s agenda! Every experience is unique and provides our guests the opportunity to live life on the outside, up-close, and in-the-moment. Our expedition vessels and boutique yachts are nimble, accessing places bigger boats can’t go, and with flexible schedules, your captain will navigate where in-the-moment opportunities are greatest.


Go eye-to-eye with wildlife—in a protected Mexico bay, watch gray whales teach their babies to swim and dive. Witness graceful, Giant Pacific Manta rays fly beneath the surface on a night time snorkel in Hawaii. Hike through the Costa Rican jungle, keeping watch for sloths and bellowing howler monkeys—they are likely to spot you long before you spot them. And in the enchanting Galápagos Islands where the wildlife is unafraid of the human presence, watch the nesting habits of Blue-footed Boobies play out before you.


Adventure cruises are equipped for exploration—dip your toe in the water, then step outside your comfort zone and immerse in undisturbed wilderness. Hike beneath the towering forests of Washington’s Olympic National Park or in Alaska’s massive Tongass National Forest. Kayak among Golfo Dulce mangroves of Costa Rica, or paddle board along Hawaii’s rugged, volcanic shores. Stroll a white-sand beach on Panamá’s Guna Yala, or Bahía Agua Verde in the Sea of Cortés—if the conditions permit, swap stories over a nighttime bonfire beneath Mexico’s starry sky.  You choose your adventure—your expedition guides help lead the way. And it’s always your choice—do as much as you like, or simply relax.


Adventure Cruise Destinations: 

Alaska. Experience life on the outside. Our Alaska small ship adventure cruises deliver action, exploration, and the unexpected. Rainforest hikes, calving glaciers, and Glacier Bay National Park; bears, whales, “polar bear plunges.” Nobody does Alaska better.


Mexico’s Sea of Cortés

This inclusive adventure cruise in Mexico’s Sea of Cortés showcases a world of raw beauty, active adventure, authentic culture, and wildlife. Kayak in glassy coves. Hike along cactus-clad rims and among desert scrub. Snorkel alongside playful sea lions and colorful invertebrates.


Hawaiian Islands

On your inclusive exploration, cruise along shore watching for marine life; enjoying exclusivity; and spending time at play—kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, and snorkeling. Uncover the islands’ natural gifts in a way only accessible on a small ship adventure cruise.


Costa Rica & Panamá. Two inclusive adventure cruises to tap your senses. In Costa Rica and Panamá, hike lush jungle; spot birds, wildlife, and marine life; snorkel Eden-like islands; discover Native customs; kayak and skiff in mangrove forests; and transit the Panamá Canal.



In this destination-of-a-lifetime, visit two wildly unique places that share the experience of evolution—an historic old world and one of the world’s most iconic marine habitats. On islands and islets. Hike, snorkel, and kayak discovering the unexpected like Charles Darwin.


Coastal Washington & British Columbia

Choose from two adventure cruises in coastal Washington and British Columbia. Discover Washington State’s islands, channels, and shores, including Olympic National Park. Or, explore both sides of the border—Canada and US—and sail into a yachters’ paradise.


River Cruises

Embrace the American West frontier on a river cruise along the mighty Columbia, Snake and Willamette rivers. Cruising nearly 1,000 miles—conveniently, roundtrip Portland, Oregon—step back in time aboard an 88-guest replica coastal steamer and relish the turn-of-the-century style with all the creature comforts of today. Explore museums, forts, scenic parks and historic sites that transport you from the days of Lewis & Clark to modern innovations and avocations along the rivers.


At Fort Clatsop—the Corps of Discovery’s last encampment, learn stories of this most famous journey. See the source of Nez Perce legends in Hells Canyon—and spot petroglyphs of their ancient art. Hear tales of hearty early pioneers who made the journey west in Astoria and Maryhill Museum. As the landscape changes from lush coastal forests to the expansive rolling hills and desert plateau, uncover the geologic forces that shaped the region—transiting the rivers’ locks and dams, you’ll uncover the hand-of-man achievements that harness these mighty rivers today. And enjoy the fruits of regional vintners’ labor at tours and tastings in this world-class wine region.


On these inclusive, 7-night voyages, premium shore excursions are included, as are knowledgeable historians, heritage guides, and guest experts who share their expertise, narrative insight, and entertaining storytelling onboard and ashore, bringing the region’s history, characters, and landscapes vibrantly to life


River Cruise Destination:


Columbia & Snake Rivers

American beauty—embrace the frontier spirit and encompass the dramatic contrast of stark natural vistas and hand-of-man achievements. Our inclusive voyages aboard an 88-guest replica coastal steamer bring the history and stories of these rivers to life.


Unforgettable Camaraderie

There’s no two ways about it….small ship cruising is an intimate experience! Aboard Un-Cruise Adventures’ small ships, even with shared spaces being, well, spacious, you’ll cross paths with the other 22 to 88 guests on board frequently. It doesn’t take long for guests and crew alike to get to know one another and call each other by name. While you have your own private, cozy cabin to retreat to… adventure activities, excursions, meals, and comfortable community spaces mean spending time with your fellow adventurers.


For many guests, the unmatched and easy camaraderie with guests and crew is an unbeatable, often unexpected bonus to our small ship cruise experiences. Friendships are one of the most rewarding, memory-making aspects of the voyage and many of our guests create lifelong connections, choosing to sail together again with new found friends on other itineraries! As one past guest candidly put it, “We have added new dimensions to our life experiences and have come away with lasting memories of new friends.”


Our guests hail from all walks of life—a variety of ages, places, and lifestyles; couples, singles, and generations of family; educators and the educated (be it the school-of-life or a PhD); and savvy-travelers, entrepreneurs, even celebrities. And nearly all share curiosity for life and adventure, quickly finding common interests with one another. Once you step on board, you’ll understand immediately. It’s the attentive service, the fellowship, and the shared rare encounter. It’s the casual nature, and the extraordinary sense of place. It’s all these things and so much more. And it’s also an ingrained, inherent characteristic of Un-Cruise Adventures.


What Most Defines the Experience is Included

From premium shore excursions and adventure activities to guides, exclusive access, and incredible camaraderie between your fellow guests and crew, and on to the delicious handcrafted meals and baked-on-board pastries—the things that most define your experience are part of the fare. Many itineraries are even generously inclusive, with wine, spirits, and beer and a complimentary massage included.


Aboard Un-Cruise Adventures, enjoy: 

Unmatched Exclusivity

  • Unique and flexible itineraries
  • Off-the-beaten path explorations
  • Small-group, up-close discoveries
  • Unspoiled natural wonders
  • Insightful cultural encounters
  • No waiting in long lines


Unassuming Ambience

  • Casual and relaxed atmosphere
  • Fresh, handcrafted, regional cuisine
  • Exceptional, personalized service
  • High crew-to-guest ratio
  • Top-of-the-line equipment and amenities on board
  • Unforgettable camaraderie


Uncompromising Dedication

  • Licensed and certified onboard crew
  • Trained onboard leaders and guides
  • Decades of industry experience
  • Follow “Leave No Trace” practices
  • Sustainable culinary program
  • Operate a responsible business


Whether you’re traveling solo, with a companion, as a family, or in a group, Un-Cruise Adventures reveals an unimaginable way of uncovering hidden wonders and learning while having fun. Change the way you see the world.


Unrushed. Uncrowded. Unbelievable.


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