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Know Thy Technology Solutions – Trisept Solutions

Written By: John Ische, President and CEO, Trisept Solutions



Chris MacKechnie of Demand Media wrote, “Technology empowers companies to grow faster, produce better products and serve customers more effectively.”1 We can all attest that this is certainly true of the travel industry. We (or some of us) can look back in the not-too-distant past and remember how the telephone was our only means to connect with a supplier for a booking and client information was stored on index cards. Technology has helped drive the change in how we work, where we work and how effectively we work. Travel agents can now work anywhere that fits their lifestyle and service their clients using everything from a computer to a smartphone.


In today’s environment, it is difficult to envision our world without the technology advances we enjoy. As Axis Technical Group stated, “Technology is inescapable. It pervades every facet of our life.” But, they go on to remind us that “keeping ahead of technology is a necessity if your organization anticipates long-term stability and growth.”2


A recent Tech Corner article in Travel Professional News written by Trisept Solutions discussed the importance of using a database system for your business that allows you to document your clients’ information and preferences and understand your business with a single glance. The ability to obtain information quickly and easily on both your clients and your business can save you precious time, enhance your client relationships and help you make data-driven decisions.


If you currently use technology you are happy with and believe the solutions will grow with your business, you are lucky. However, a lot of agents don’t have a system they’re happy with and they refuse to try another one because it is a change – and so many of us fear change. In a blog post for iTravel Software, Mateja Zbodulja, marketing manager for iTravel, wrote, “The root of most excuses in life is fear. Fear keeps people from growing and changing.”3 Is this true for your business and the technology solutions you currently use? Will your current tools provide the flexibility and solutions you need as your business grows and changes?


Here are some questions you should be asking yourself about the technology you use:

  • Is my technology keeping up with my needs?
  • Is my technology cost-effective?
  • How often is my technology enhanced?
  • Are enhancements made quickly and easily?
  • Can I easily access the data you need to run your business?


Paying for a system that is difficult to use often forces us to either minimize its use or, in the extreme, not use it at all. As the old saying goes, “The known is better than the unknown.” Not necessarily! Continuing to use technology solutions that are outdated or do not meet your exact needs hinders your ability to work efficiently and grow your business. By taking an honest appraisal of what you are using today and assessing how your business might benefit from better technology solutions, you will be taking the first step to ensuring you can take your business into the future.


According to Axis Technical Group, “keeping ahead of technology is a necessity if your organization anticipates long term stability and growth.”2 This is also certainly true of enhancements to the software you use. Software enhancements have been cumbersome in the past with the need to load enhancements from disks or to download them from a website. The newest trend to develop cloud-based technologies opens a whole new world of easy software enhancements and improvements that can happen as often and as quickly as needed and can be immediately accessed by users.


Cloud-based systems also provide the ability to work anywhere there is an Internet connection, regardless of the device. In an article published on, Larry Alton wrote, “Cloud computing allows each team member to work from anywhere.”4 And when discussing cloud computing, Umesh Singh, a digital marketing strategist, wrote on LinkedIn that “another advantage of cloud computing is accessing the environment of cloud not only from the system, but through other amazing options. These options are tablets, iPad, netbooks, even mobile phones.”5 This advantage is further extended to the ability to use a PC or a MAC with no differences.


Xcelerator by Trisept Solutions is a modern travel technology that seamlessly integrates the majority of functions you need to service your clients and run your business on one secure platform.

  • As a cloud-based system, enhancements and updates are immediately available. Since launching in late 2015, several enhancements have already been implemented based on user feedback and requests. The ability to keep up with our travel agent’s needs is paramount.
  • Xcelerator can be accessed wherever an Internet connection is available, by PC, MAC, tablet or iPad, providing you with the opportunity to work with your clients where and when it is most convenient for you.
  • All of your information, from your clients’ profiles and preferences to your dashboard of business intelligence and trends, is available at any time, from anywhere. Conduct your business on a beach, cruise ship or from a Starbucks. Everything is at your fingertips.


As Axis Technical Group so aptly put, “As the days, months and years go by, technology just gets better and better. What was once the latest and greatest yesterday, is old hat today. The bottom line is, technology doesn’t wait for you and if your organization isn’t keeping up with it, you will surely be left in the dust by one of your competitors.”2


Are you ready to ensure your technology solutions will take you into the future and help you run your business more efficiently and effectively? Visit to learn more.