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ShoreTrips – St. Kitts Buggy Adventure

With side-by-side seating, these buggies offer much better visibility and more comfort for the rider over standard ATVs. With full safety equipment, including premium suspension, seat belts and latched doors, your client will be able to devote their attention to the adventure.


We begin with an orientation session to get them acquainted with the features of these fun vehicles and once they’re comfortable, we’re off for a day of adventure in these 2-person buggies.


The typography of St. Kitts is rugged and hilly so your clients have chosen the perfect way to see the island. With our experienced guide in the lead, we’ll visit Wingfield Estate, set in the beautiful foothills of the island’s main mountain range. Much of this estate was unearthed during an archeological dig in 2010 with the discovery of a rum distillery. They’ll learn about the history of this first sugar cane estate on St. Kitts, which was at one time owned by Thomas Jefferson’s great, great, great grandfather.


There are other sugar plantation ruins to explore and they’ll have a blast bumping your way from one to the next via the winding sugar cane trails. En route, the group will pass through rural villages and local farms and perhaps see some exotic wildlife as they make their way through the lush rainforest.


They will then drive past Brimstone Hill Fortress. The fortress itself is located 800′ up the slope of a mountain and is a testament to the engineering, building skill and hard, dangerous work required to construct it.


There will be plenty of stops along the way to enjoy the scenery and take some great photos.


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