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LIVE EVENT: The Future Of Travel

LIVE EVENT: The Future Of Travel

Cypress, Calif.– Dec. 7, 2020: As part of its ongoing series of monthly Travel Talks, Contiki will host a free live event with leading experts in the travel industry to discuss the Future of Travel – what this means in today’s context, and how we can contribute to more sustainable travel in our future.


The future of travel – and our planet – has never felt more poignant than now. In a year that’s forced everyone to sit still and adapt to new ways of living, it’s equally presented an opportunity to reflect on the positive changes we can make as we move forward.


Social listening shows a 178% increase in activism over the past 12 months among young people, with inequality, sustainability and identity as the biggest topics of focus. There’s also recognition amongst digital-native Gen Zs that online is best served as a supplement for social connection, not the sole source.* This desire to come together, unite over shared issues, and reconnect IRL represents a shift in the mindset of young people, and a nod to potentially different attitudes in the future.


One thing’s for sure – life won’t go back to the way that it was, and as the panel will discuss, that’s no bad thing.


The talk, hosted by Adam Armstrong, CEO of Contiki, invites Hege V. Barnes, Director of Innovation Norway, Elena Rodriguez Blanco, CEO & Co-Founder of Authenticitys, and Carmen Huter, Travel Photographer & Sustainable Influencer, to delve deep and share their thoughts on some of the most important topics affecting the future of travel.


The panel will explore everything from sustainable travel tips and trends, how to make travel count in 2021, and ways to support rebuilding local communities hit hardest by the pandemic. Its focus will be on more mindful travel that aims to give back.


As leaders in travel experiences for 18-35s, Contiki’s talk will frame conversations around the positive ways young people can contribute to this. The event will push out questions to its audience on social media in real time to gage their perceptions and thoughts about the topics of discussion.


In 2019, the youth travel segment generated around $330 billion dollars for tourism*. Now, that hunger to explore and adventure has never been higher.


This year in particular highlights the activism and energy of young people when it comes to fighting for meaningful change; it’s expected they’ll be spearheads for tackling a more sustainable, eco-conscious future in travel too. The Contiki values that center on connection and shared experience with a like-minded tribe position its audience perfectly to be those innovators for change.


Adam Armstrong says, “It’s been an incredibly tough year for the travel industry but we’re super confident of the ways we’ll bounce back. The youth travel audience will be one of the most significant contributors to this. Their resilience and optimism in the face of adversity is something we can all harness more of as we adapt to a new world going forward.


The future of travel will be as exciting as it will be different; as a brand, Contiki continues to innovate with trips and experiences that reflect our ever-evolving climate, championing conscious, sustainable and thoughtful travel.”


The event will take place on 10 December 6-7pm. Register for free here.


You’ll need to download the free GoTo webinar to take part. Attendees can send any questions they have for the panel in advance who will aim to answer these on the night. They’ll also be able to direct questions to the panel during the event via the Chat function.




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