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Explore Alaska with ShoreTrips

Written By: Mark Flehmer, Vendor Relations and Head Writer, ShoreTrips



Alaska really is the last frontier. Seemingly endless wilderness, pure and unobstructed wildlife attract thousands of travelers each summer. Alaska is so remote that there aren’t always roads connecting cities to cities. Exploring Alaska by cruise ship allows you to see and do more and at ShoreTrips we know that the most memorable experiences from your cruise will be from the shore excursions you take in each of the ports you visit.


ShoreTrips has been providing the best excursions in Alaska for over a decade. Not only are they the best shore excursions with handpicked tour guides, but they also provide the best value with prices lower than the cruise lines. Yes, you heard us. We know Alaska like the back of our hand, we have the best excursions out there and they are cheaper than booking directly with the cruise ship. Did I mention we will put you in smaller groups away from the crowds and our sales staff is able to customize anything you want? Trust us, we are just as excited as you are.


If you are looking at Alaskan cruise itineraries or already have a cruise booked, odds are there are three main ports you will see listed all over the place. These ports are some of the best spots along the Alaskan coast and provide perfect opportunities to explore one of the most iconic destinations on Earth.



Perhaps the most charming of Alaska’s towns, Ketchikan made its name as a great fishing and logging town with a focus on mouthwatering Salmon.  On a clear day you will have a hard time finding a more picturesque city with the local waterways buzzing from commerce among the nearby ports.  Excursions like


KAYAKING KETCHIKAN’S COASTLINE showcase the city’s historic waterfront as you paddle through islands in the Tongass National Forest. This historic waterfront is showcased through Totem Bight State Park and the Guard Island Lighthouse which can be explored through the award winning


LIGHTHOUSE, TOTEMS AND EAGLES excursion. This tour proves a perfect opportunity for travelers of all ages to discover Alaska’s famous wildlife while learning about the Native Americans, who were an integral part of Alaska’s history.


If your most memorable cruise experiences are excursions, then your most memorable excursion will be a SEAPLANE TOUR TO MISTY FJORDS. Anyone can look up at a mountain in awe or admire alluring landscape photography, but can they say they’ve flown like a bird through all its beauty? Our world class pilots will navigate you through the Misty Fjords National monument with a landing on a remote lake, providing a once in a lifetime experience.



There is no way to reach Juneau by road so consider yourself one of the fortunate adventurers cruising in by boat. Our excursions bring together a variety of opportunities covering everything Alaska from Glaciers to Whales to Rafting. It’s pretty self-explanatory but an excursion like WHALE WATCHING IN JUNEAU isn’t as basic as it sounds.  Nowhere else along your cruise itinerary will you find a port with such a vibrant community of Humpback and Orca Whales. Pictures never do these majestic creatures justice and seeing them in the wild is something you truly need to see to believe. Our local captains study their activity like their life depends on it and will bring you up close and personal with one of Mother Nature’s most captivating mammals.


If whales aren’t your “thing” then there is another “thing” Juneau does best, glaciers. You can arrive by vehicle at the nearby Mendenhall Glacier Visitor’s Center but we always recommend our guests take it to the “next” level.  A MENDENHALL GLACIER TREK provides the quintessential Alaskan adventure as you gear up and hit the trail with our expert guides. Don’t want to spend your day hiking? We’ll scoop you up into a helicopter on our HELICOPTER ICEFIELD EXCURSION that features a glacier landing far away from the crowds and air traffic. Your veteran pilot will shut off the chopper and lead you on a brief glacier walk for an experience you won’t find anywhere else.



Skagway is the spot your cruise ship usually stays the longest and there is a good reason for that. There is so much to do! There is something inherently magnificent about a steam engine train climbing up a mountainside and Skagway is home to that exact experience.   On the WHITE PASS TRAIN AND DRIVE excursion you will be taken on a 28-mile journey through mountains, glaciers, gorges, waterfalls and tunnels on your way to Fraser, British Columbia. Although you will be tempted to just daydream out the window, your professional guide will share captivating stories about the Gold Rush Era from long ago.


If you are looking for more of an adrenaline rush, take a ride on the ALASKAN WILDERNESS ZIPLINING EXPEDITION. Ziplining is all about the location you are doing it in and there isn’t a better location than Skagway. This course consists of 11 zips that propel you through the Alaskan rain forest and past glacier-fed waterfalls. You may even feel the mist hit your face!


The untouched town of Haines, Alaska is just a 45 minute ferry ride away. Some would even say the ferry ride is an excursion in and of itself as you pass through steep walled Fjords. Take advantage of the opportunity to get to the pure Alaskan Wilderness with our CHILKAT BALD EAGLE RAFT TRIP AND WILDLIFE VIEWING. Completely away from the crowds, a scenic drive and raft trip in the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve will provide unparalleled wildlife viewing.


Multi-Port Discount Packages!

Some might tell you a day not doing an excursion is similar to not even being in Alaska at all. For those of you who believe that idea as much as we do, ShoreTrips has designed four multi-port discount packages linking up the best guides in the area to provide you savings.  Every day will be a day well spent and a variety of options are available for travelers of every flavor.




Our staff eats, sleeps and drinks shore excursions so feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have. Or if you just want to have a chat in-between your daily errands. We’re here for you!