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Dugan’s University Business Bootcamp: A Week of Invaluable Learning and Networking for Travel Advisors

Dugan's University Business Bootcamp: A Week of Invaluable Learning and Networking for Travel Advisors

Dugan’s Travels Concludes Exclusive Business Bootcamp in Anaheim, Marking 25 Years of Support for Travel Advisors


April 22, 2024 – Dugan’s Travels recently concluded its exclusive Business Bootcamp, held in the vibrant city of Anaheim, California. This weeklong event, a special edition separate from the annual Dugan’s University, was designed to provide in-depth training and networking opportunities for a select group of travel advisors, marking a significant milestone in Dugan’s Travels’ 25th year of serving independent travel advisors. 


The bootcamp featured a comprehensive itinerary that included hotel inspections at renowned properties such as the Westin Anaheim and the three Disneyland hotels, including the newly launched Pixar Place. Participants also had the unique opportunity to inspect the Princess Discovery cruise ship, further enhancing their understanding of various travel products. 


The second segment of the bootcamp focused on practical, hands-on experience in building itineraries. This was complemented by insightful presentations from industry leaders such as Travefy, Bedsonline, Travel Insured, and the ALG Vacations Groups Department. These sessions were tailored to empower agents with the tools and knowledge needed to effectively grow their businesses. 


“Dugan’s University Business Bootcamp was an intensive training ground for travel advisors looking to elevate their business acumen and service offerings,” said Jennifer Dugan, Chief Family Officer at Dugan’s Travels. “The bootcamp not only allowed participants to gain firsthand experience and insights from top travel industry entities but also offered them a platform to forge valuable connections that will aid in their professional growth.” 


This specialized bootcamp underscores Dugan’s Travels’ commitment to fostering the development of independent travel advisors through exclusive educational experiences. As the company celebrates its 25th anniversary, it continues to innovate and provide comprehensive support to its network of advisors, helping them to succeed in the competitive travel industry. 


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About Dugan’s Travels 


Dugan’s Travels is a family-oriented travel agency providing support and training to a diverse community of independent travel advisors across the United States. Celebrating 25 years of excellence, Dugan’s stands out for its dedication to personal and professional development within the travel industry. 


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