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Checklist for Success: QC your TRIP of a Lifetime


If you’ve already started your career as a travel consultant, “Multitasker” has most likely become your new middle name. Think about it! How many reservations are you working on this morning—five, six, even more? Not to mention the seven emails that just came in over the last couple minutes, plus the two voicemails you need to return ASAP. And, it’s only 9:15!


On the other hand, perhaps you’re just starting your career in travel. If that’s the case, get ready for some exciting days ahead. You’ll love the industry pace but you may also find that with so much going on, it’s easy to miss details, book the wrong dates, or miss a deadline. Whether you’ve been at it for a while or your new to travel, use this checklist to help yourself “QC,” or quality control, every reservation every day to ensure your success.


Reservation QC Checklist

  • Client’ names spelled correctly in ALL documents
  • Clients have received all required travel documents, including visas and passports
  • Traveler documentation dates current
  • TIP 1: Request copies during planning process to prompt expiration date review
  • TIP 2: Keep copies locked up for safekeeping
  • Reservation invoiced and paid
  • Air travel dates correct
  • Air seats have been assigned/validated
  • Frequent flyer program and TSA/Global Entry information included and accurate
  • Accommodation dates correct and correlate with air dates
  • Alerted accommodations contact of VIP traveler’s pending arrival
  • Accommodations loyalty program numbers included and accurate
  • Ordered client gift for room/cabin
  • Ground transportation dates correct and correlate with air and accommodation dates
  • Special travel needs in place and confirmed
  • Travel insurance in place and confirmed
  • All excursions and tours confirmed
  • All fees, including resort fees, disclosed to customer if not already included in quoted rates
  • Mailed/emailed travel documents including:
    -Detailed travel itinerary with flight and confirmation numbers, addresses, contact information, etc.
    -Suggested packing list
    -Suggested restaurant list
  • Destination information, including tipping and other local customs
  • After-hours/emergency travel support contact information
  • Scheduled follow up call/email/notecard for three days post itinerary


Looking at the above list, hopefully you see there are no shortcuts for travel professionals. That said, there can be some unexpected and bumpy detours if you aren’t prepared! This list is just a small sampling of the knowledge and preparation needed for today’s successful travel professionals. How well prepared are you? Do you have the baseline education you need for success both now and well into your future? How do you know for certain? During October, take advantage of The Travel Institute’s TRIP of a Lifetime promotion and find out with:

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