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Branding is Everything – Brand your Online Videos with your Logo!


Written By: Andy Ogg – Editor for Travel Professional NEWS



With Social Media continuing it’s everlasting evolution, video has reigned supreme. Both produced and Live video streaming has proven to not only be successful in organic reach but has also proven itself to be very helpful in engagement with viewers. If you aren’t marketing your agency and services through video, you should be.


Creating a video isn’t that difficult in todays technological age, however, creating a video that doesn’t tie itself back to you and your agency seems a bit pointless doesn’t it? Well let’s take a trip down the process of branding your videos with your own personal agency logo which will not only look professional, but will assist in viewers of the content to find you, reach you and book with you!


Let’s look into the two easy steps to add your agency logo to any video or movie you create and publish!


Step 1: Your logo – Lets make it transparent!

Have you ever seen a video with a logo on it? I have seen way too many that have a logo in the corner with a huge white background, let’s not do that but instead creating a tasteful and professional logo to add to your videos. Many logos are a .jpg file format which does not allow for any transparency, however a .png file can easily be transformed into a transparent background and will allow for your logo to be seen on a video, but not destroy the viewing experiences for your viewers.


There are countless ways to create a .png file for your agency logo. From Photoshop to having one designed, rather than make this a complicated process, here are a couple online sources that offer a tool to create your logo in a transparent .png file.


Now, there are many ways to create this file such as Microsoft Paint, Adobe Photoshop, and even Microsoft Publisher so do your research and see what is the best fit for you. The above suggestions are easy online tools that can help you accomplish this task.


Step 2: Add your transparent .png logo to your Video!

Now, we all have different work preferences and each of us have a preferred way of doing things. Keeping that in mind, we have compiled 3 different options for those of you who choose to do this on a PC, an Apple device and finally on an Android device. These are suggestions and there are many other fantastic methods of accomplishing this final product of branding your videos with your logo.


For those of you who prefer working on a PC or Mac:


Desktop Applications

  1. Windows Movie Maker (Windows Application)

Easy to follow Tutorial found on YouTube:

  1. iMovie (Apple Application)

Easy to follow Tutorial found on YouTube:

  1. InVideo Programming (YouTube Online Application)

Easy to follow Tutorial found on YouTube:


For those of you who prefer using your iPhone or iPad to create your videos, here are a few options that we found that could help you complete the addition of your logo to a video.


iPhone Applications:

  1. Video Watermark –
  2. Watermark Video Square Free –
  3. eZy Watermark lite –


And finally, for those of you who enjoy working on your Android powered device, here are 3 options that we have found with positive feedback to assist you to your goal.


Android Applications:

  1. Video Watermark –
  2. Video Watermark-
  3. Video Watermark Logo-


Now, once you have successfully branded your video by adding your logo, share it! You’d be surprised at the speed at which you can add your agency logo after just a few times of getting used to the process. Branding your videos is not only a smart marketing move but it will help clients find you and isn’t that it’s all about?