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Are you Singing in the Rain? – Simply Sales with Scott


Written By: Scott Koepf, Vice President of Strategic Development – Cruise Planners 


Do, do, do, do, Do-do, do, do, do, do, Do-do…..


Can you listen to or sing this song without smiling and just feeling good? I still get instantly happy and want to grab a street light and spin. Now I know I am a musical theatre aficionado but I think even my sport fanatic buddies would agree that this song moves them (next time we are sitting watching a game, holding hands and emoting, I will ask). While the song itself is magical I think it is the premise that we can learn from. In other words, when circumstances are bad, what do you do?




I hate to be the one to break this to you but as much as this is a thrilling and wonderful business, selling travel is hard. I know the callous among you just said “No, really, this guy is a genius” but as I ignore such insults I know you deal with new challenges every day. Yep, it is going to rain! No escape, you will at some point in your career and most likely over the last two years, be caught in a downpour. The choice you have is how you deal with it and what better example than Gene Kelly who, when the sky opens up, erupts in singing and dancing! You may not have a choice as to the external conditions but you sure do have a choice in what you do in the midst of them.


If I stopped here you might think that was a nice little message about keeping your chin up in hard times. Yes, it was a nice message but what we can also learn from this is the ability to turn an obstacle into a positive experience. Take puddles for example. When we were kids, we all loved puddles. To jump in, to splash through, to kick and just play in. Unfortunately somewhere along the line we got too serious, we thought our shoes were more valuable than fun or we forgot the feeling puddles used to bring. So now we walk around them and miss the joy these ‘bad things’ can bring. When you watch Mr. Kelly singing you will notice he does not just ignore the puddles, he seeks them out and uses them. As travel agents you will deal with puddles every day. Seek them out and jump right in! It might be that one client who drives you nuts that has been on your ‘need to call’ list for two weeks. Don’t dance around the puddle, just call him. So when the rain comes – Sing and Dance!




While I am using this wonderful musical as my analogy of the month I want to share two other songs from this movie gem that we can learn from. The first song I can still picture my bride of many years singing as she played the lead in a regional production of Singing in the Rain many years ago. “Good mornin’, Good Mo –or – or –nin’!” is another song that just gets you in a great mood but the point is not what is said (sung) but how! Good morning is said a bazillion times every day and you say it (or hello) to your clients every day. So the words are not memorable, but the way they are expressed are. No, you do not have to sing every greeting you say (although….) but just make it memorable and compelling and sincere.


And the third song provides such a clear message that the title says it all. “Make ‘em Laugh!” Simple but so important in our world today. Not only do people need and want a giggle now and then but when you are in the leisure travel business the interactions should be fun. I am not suggesting that you need to be a stand-up comedian but let your natural humor shine. Just like not avoiding puddles, don’t avoid the appropriate use of humor. A good laugh will make a relationship grow more than almost any well-crafted sentence. Remember attitudes are contagious so try to infect your clients with one that will brighten their day. Or at least have them…


Singing in the Rain!