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Your Guide to The Compass on VAX

Navigating the Compass by VAX VacationAccess

The Compass, offered by VAX VacationAccess Offers Much More Than a Platform


Written By: Jenna Buege, Associate Editor – The Compass on VAX


Guide to Compass on VAX

Did you know that VAX VacationAccess has an advisor-exclusive resource featuring content that is created and curated for travel professionals? Guide to Compass on VAX’s editorial hub and your true north for the resources that you need to learn from leisure travel experts and to explore the topics facing the industry today.


Navigating to The CompassNavigating the Compass by VAX VacationAccess

The Compass is easy to find from the VAX Home Page. Simply navigate to the gray bar at the top of the screen and hover over the dropdown menu labeled “The Compass” on the far right. From there you can select “Original Articles” to reach The Compass main page.


On The Compass main page, you will find six different categories to explore—Agent Development, Travel Inspiration, Perspectives, Making Waves, Around the Industry and Destinations. You can also browse content from our sponsors and search for specific topics and keywords using The Compass Search feature on the right column of the page.

6 Categories to Choose From

Let’s discuss each category a little more in depth.


Agent Development

Content related to your growth, professional development and business. Articles posted in this category might include topics such as challenges facing travel advisors, tips for finding financial help for your biz, thoughts regarding inclusivity at the office and more.


Travel Inspiration

Perfect for sharing on social media, the Travel Inspiration category is all about sparking your clients’ wanderlust. Each month The Compass editorial team chooses a specific topic or destination to focus on. The theme for February, for example, is Hawaii, so you can expect to see a lot of pieces that focus on the Islands of Aloha. However, you can always navigate to The Compass Search box on the right side of the screen to search for any destination, any time.



Looking for advice from professionals in your field? The Perspectives category has got you covered. Articles here are penned by industry thought leaders, VAX BDMs and your peers. They cover a variety of topics ranging from travel trends and interviews to opinion pieces and how-to guides.


Making Waves

All aboard! Making Waves is the place on The Compass for all things cruise. We’ll keep you up-to-date with the latest news on the water from new ships and press releases to regulations and cruise-inspired travel guides.


Around the Industry

The world of travel is ever-evolving, luckily, The Compass is here to help you stay in the know. Articles in the Around the Industry category cover a bevy of topics including COVID-19 updates, industry regulations and announcements, reviews, studies and more. This is also the place where you’ll find news and announcements from suppliers on VAX such as Universal Parks and Resorts Vacations, SeaWorld, ALGV and more.



Similar to the Travel Inspiration category, the articles posted under the Destinations category will typically align with the editorial theme for the month. Here you’ll find content related to hotels and resorts, destination-specific announcements, travel guides and more.


One-Click Sharing

Read something you liked? The Compass makes content marketing easier than ever with one-click sharing. Post an article to Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest when you click the corresponding icon located at the top right corner of the page. You can also copy the link directly to send or copy it into your email, it’s simple.



Navigating the Compass by VAX VacationAccess


But wait, there’s more, your clients can access The Compass for additional articles without logging into VAX meaning that anyone can read this great content. Plus, we publish new articles daily so you can expect to see fresh new content everytime that you visit the site.


Social Media Made Easy

Content and social media go hand-in-hand and we want to make content marketing easier than ever. That’s why, in addition to easy to share articles on The Compass, VAX also has what we like to call the Travel Inspo Tool Kit . Here, you’ll find shareable images complete with ready-made social media post copy for you to simply copy and paste.


Shareables from suppliers, destination-specific images, hashtags and even memes, you’re sure to find something to fit your social media profile needs.


Guide to Compass on VAX: https://www.vaxvacationaccess.com/the-compass/Campaigns/travel-inspo-tool-kit/?utm_source=nav&utm_medium=textlink&utm_campaign=toolkit