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Xplor Park Invites Adventure Junkies to Participate in Xplor Bravest Race Evolution

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To commemorate its 10th Anniversary, Grupo Xcaret’s Xplor Park preps for its 7th annual exhilarating obstacle course


RIVIERA MAYA, MEXICO- JUNE 10, 2019 – Grupo Xcaret’s Xplor park is excited to announce that it will host one of Mexico’s most challenging races, Xplor Bravest Race Evolution, for the 7th consecutive year. On September 22nd, over 3,500 people are expected to participate, as part of the ongoing celebrations of the adventure park’s 10th anniversary.


The unique race represents a challenge for all participants, as well as a distinguished way to explore 300 million years of our planet’s geological evolution. This year’s new route will cover four miles throughout the renowned park, and will feature more than 40 obstacles, including a never-before-seen circuit. Race participants will run, swim, jump, roll, and crawl through a multitude of obstacles in four different stages, each symbolizing earth’s different eras, including Pangea, Dinosaurs, Xapiens and Xplor.


Athletes will have to choose between two paths along the challenging circuit, running through the middle of the Quintana Roo jungle and encountering obstacles at each stage to earn one of four Evolution Gems upon completion. Competitors who collect all four gems become a Bravest X, with the bonus of earning the Xplor 10-year anniversary commemorative pin that celebrates this notable eco-park and its commitment to sustainability.


“Once again, we’re very excited to host the Xplor Bravest Race Evolution for a seventh year,” said Armando Ruiz Villalobos, the park’s director of operations. “Runners and adventure seekers not only in Mexico, but around the world, recognize this one of a kind obstacle course as an opportunity to take on a challenge both physically and mentally, and we’re really proud of that.”


Registration for the Xplor Bravest Race Evolution is now open, for VIP and regular entry, and 30% discounts are available through June. Since opening its doors 10 years ago, Xplor park has gained international recognition for its six main adventure programs including ziplines, amphibian vehicles, rafts, stalactite river swimming, hammock splashing and spelunking. It is one of nine eco-parks and tours operated by Grupo Xcaret, leader in implementing sustainable practices and offering unique cultural experiences that represent the best of Mexico.


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Xplor and Xplor Fuego:


Located in Mexico’s Riviera Maya, Xplor is Grupo Xcaret’s day and nighttime adventure park. The family friendly park offers six distinct type of activities: ziplines, amphibian vehicles, rafts, stalactite river swimming, hammock splashing and spelunking (hiking through caves and caverns). At sunset, Xplor Park becomes Xplor Fuego, with torches and bonfires illuminating all its attractions adding an extra layer of excitement and mystery for the more daring visitors. Learn more at


About Grupo Xcaret:


Grupo Xcaret’s Parks and Tours are a benchmark for sustainable recreation in Mexico and around the world. The parks and tours specialize in offering visitors unique and unforgettable experiences, through unparalleled products and services that highlight the best of Mexico and are respectful of the environment. Grupo Xcaret is the leader in sustainable and socially responsible tourism in the Mexican Caribbean; its parks and tours include: Xcaret, their flagship park, operating since 1990, contains more than 40 attractions throughout the jungle, coves and underground rivers. It offers exciting shows, as well as cultural activities that promote Mexican traditions; Xel-Ha, an ecotourism aquatic park; Xplor and Xplor Fuego, parks featuring ziplines, ATVs and underground rives; Xenses, a sense-themed amusement and activities park; Xoximilco, an attraction that pays homage to Mexican culture, traditions and gastronomy; Xichen, a tour to archaeological and cultural sites in the Yucatan peninsula, including the Chichen Itza pyramid;  Xenotes, a nature tour in the Mexican jungle to visit cenotes; and Xavage, the latest addition, an adventure park set to open in the summer of 2019.