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WorldVia Travel Group Releases 2024 Educational Event Series

WorldVia Travel Group Releases 2024 Educational Event Series

Jan. 4, 2023 – Atlanta WorldVia Travel Group, a collection of travel brands, has released its 2024 series of educational events. The robust roster of networking and learning opportunities for members of the company’s host agency comprises a wide range of distinct programming categories. These initiatives have been meticulously designed to provide educational and support resources to travel professionals that will empower them to grow and manage their businesses in 2024. 


Scheduled 2024 educational events from WorldVia Travel Group consist of five session types – “Roadshows,” “CORE Summit,” “Accelerators,” “Immersions” and “Discoveries” – each of which has been carefully curated to cater to specific aspects of professional development and business growth for travel agency owners and related professionals. 


Roadshows: WorldVia Travel Group’s “Roadshow” events will facilitate connections between travel entrepreneurs and their local industry peers and partners. These gatherings will bring product and destination information from around the world to the doorstep of host agency members, fostering genuine collaboration and knowledge exchange between all participants. “Attendees of the ‘Roadshow’ events will gain invaluable insights to help elevate their travel planning services and discover travel products suited for their portfolios and select travel industry niches,” said Jason Block, chief executive officer of WorldVia Travel Group. 


The 2024 “Roadshows” are regional events that will take place across four United States cities between Jan. 23 – Feb. 29, 2024.


  • Atlanta Marriott Buckhead Hotel and Conference Center, Atlanta, Ga., Jan. 23 
  • Orlando World Center Marriott, Orlando, Fla., Jan. 25 
  • The Beeman Hotel, Dallas, Texas, Feb. 6 
  • The Marquette Hotel, Minneapolis, Minn., Feb. 29 


CORE Summit: Another exciting WorldVia Travel Group program scheduled for 2024 is the company’s “CORE Summit,” which will take place June 7, 2024, at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in Fort Washington, Maryland. 


The “CORE Summit” is set to deliver a hands-on sales and marketing strategy event where travel professionals can collaborate with the WorldVia Travel Group team and select travel partners to create travel and itinerary plans for success in 2024. The company’s travel agent members attending this year’s summit will be equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the evolving landscape of the travel industry. 


Accelerators: A highly anticipated session category for host agency members, known as “Accelerators,” has been designed for both new and long-standing travel agents looking to develop and refine their industry skill sets. The program will start with the essentials of being a host agency member and progress through critical knowledge to help travel agents build successful, modern travel businesses to serve as a springboard for professional growth within the travel industry. 


WorldVia Travel Group’s “Accelerators” program will include three separate sessions taking place at the WorldVia Education Center in Roswell, Georgia, between April and November 2024. Each session will offer several action-packed days of stimulating programming focused on business-building strategies for travel agent members.  


  • Apr. 22-26
  • Jul. 15-19
  • Nov. 4-8


Immersions: A not-to-be-missed educational offering on WorldVia Travel Group’s 2024 events roster, “Immersions,” will include live, multi-day sessions to immerse travel agents in specific aspects or specializations within the travel industry. “These events will provide agent members with in-depth knowledge and confidence to inspire and empower them to grow their businesses and achieve their goals in niche markets of travel,” said Block. 


Educational sessions within the “Immersions” program include three distinct courses also to be hosted at the WorldVia Education Center in Roswell, Georgia, between May and December 2024: A Look at Luxury, Growing with Groups, and Destination Wedding Download.


  • A Look at Luxury: May 9-10 and Oct. 21-22
  • Growing with Groups: May 16-18 and Oct. 23-25
  • Destination Wedding Download: Jul. 12-13 


Discoveries: WorldVia Travel Group will also be hosting “Discovery” events, which involve one-day, focus sessions on topics drawn from a variety of products from worldwide destinations with featured suppliers. These courses have been created to offer an in-depth exploration of the nuances of specific product types or travel styles, making this program ideal for members venturing into new territories or specialists seeking to maximize niche concentrations. 


The “Discoveries” program, scheduled to take place in August and October 2024, will comprise four unique sessions, each covering a specific market trend for travel agents to unlock for their professional benefit: All-Inclusive, Ocean Cruising, Introduction to Europe, and Niche + River Cruise. 


  • All-Inclusive: Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Aug. 8
  • Ocean Cruising: Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Aug. 9
  • Introduction to Europe: Minneapolis, Minn., Oct. 9
  • Niche + River Cruise: Minneapolis, Minn., Oct. 10


“WorldVia Travel Group’s robust lineup of educational events highlights our commitment to empowering its members with the knowledge and tools necessary for growth and success in the highly competitive travel industry as well as its dedication to fostering a community of skilled and informed travel professionals,” said Block. 


WorldVia Travel Group also has plans to release information about its annual WORLD24 event, set to take place at Harrah’s Resort Southern California, Sept. 11-13, 2024, in Valley Center, California. An official announcement about this is forthcoming. 


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