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World Travel Protection Expands in North America

World Travel Protection Expands in North America

MARCH 9, 2022 — Mike Nole has joined the World Travel Protection Team in the role of Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, as the company continues to expand across North America and globally.


World Travel Protection is a leading risk management provider owned by Zurich Insurance Group.


Mike will oversee a growing North America, EMEA, and Australia marketing and sales team dedicated to bringing World Travel Protection’s comprehensive travel risk management solutions to businesses, governments, scholastic travelers, and NGOs.


He joins the team at a time of considerable growth for the travel risk management sector, following a pandemic that has upended travel, creating new and significant health, safety, and security risks for companies around the globe.


“Today’s travel landscape is more volatile than ever, significantly impacting personal travel and businesses’ ability to expand globally,” said Mike. “As we return to travel in 2022, organizations face heightened concerns around personal health, data, cyber security, business continuity, and reputation. WTP is here to help companies understand the new realities of business travel and address these challenges head-on by taking a new approach to travel risk management that is built around our customers.”


Previously, Mike worked as Head of Business Development with Cigna where he grew the company’s global medical insurance business through broker distribution and strategic partnerships in the Americas. Prior to Cigna, Mike worked as a broker for Health Benefits Direct.


With multiple command centers around the globe, World Travel Protection provides 24-hour emergency assistance to travelers via medical, security, and operations experts as well as world-class technology.



About World Travel Protection (WTP)

For 30 years, World Travel Protection has taken care of corporate and leisure travelers across the globe by providing access to 24-hour emergency assistance. In addition to support services for medical, travel, and security emergencies, WTP – part of the Zurich Insurance Group – educates and trains businesses to mitigate exposure to inherent risks associated with travelling abroad. Emergency assistance encompasses medical case management, evacuation & repatriation, together with providing access to virtual care services (telehealth) and security intelligence. A key foundational component of a leading assistance provider is its global network. WTP’s GlobalCare Network ensures our customers have access to over 20,000 providers worldwide. Millions of travelers place their trust in WTP each year for assistance across 200 countries. For more information, visit