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Work Smarter, Not Harder: The Key Lies In Your Travel Partner

Written By: Steve Hirshan, Senior Vice President of Sales – Avoya Travel



When we think of striving towards success, most of us think of one thing: hard work. We’re taught from a young age that if we want to truly be successful, we must work hard.


But how do you know if you’re truly being rewarded for burning the candle at both ends? Is the “buckle down” mentality enough to accelerate your success fast enough to stay competitive in the ever-growing travel industry?


That’s where working smarter, not harder comes into action. With the right work ethic and a strong travel network partner, that dream of success can become reality – and here’s why. They can help you sell more, earn more and find even greater success.


Take Avoya, for example. As a family-owned company that traces its roots back more than 50 years, we understand the value of owning your own business. We also know first-hand the amount of time and sacrifice that go into building a successful independent travel business. That’s why Avoya has dedicated decades and millions to the continuous development and enhancement of what we’re known for in the industry; our Shared Success™ model.


Our Shared Success model means only when you succeed, do we succeed. It’s at the core of what drives us forward every day and is reflected in Avoya’s suite of innovative resources and services that are designed to help new and veteran travel entrepreneurs achieve that success, get the work-life balance they seek and find more time to spend on what matters most in life. So, it’s no surprise that Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network sell and earn more compared to those in other leading networks and hosts.


Since launching Avoya 2025 (our seven-year roadmap to becoming the number one vacation platform) in 2018, one of our focuses has been to drive technology innovations and initiatives that better streamline efficiencies for Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network, so that they can spend more time booking travel and earning above industry-average incomes.


Here’s a look at some of the recent initiatives that have blossomed from Avoya 2025, and how they can benefit you as a travel professional looking to grow your own successful independent travel business:


Earn up to 100% of the commission!

The latest product to come from our Shared Success model acknowledges the time and energy you put into building and growing your own independent travel business. We believe you deserve to see all that effort pay off – and what better way to do so than to earn more money for it?


As a member of the Avoya Network, you can now earn up to 100% of the commission on all your client bookings. Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network now also have the opportunity to earn increased commission levels on bookings made from Avoya Live Leads™ (new clients sent directly to you at no additional expense). We want to see you succeed and take your independent travel business to new heights. No other network or host can offer the power of Live Leads and American Express benefits including Pay with Points combined with the potential to earn up to 100% of the commission on your bookings!


The more you book, the more you keep, it’s that simple!

Find more time for what matters in life

We all have the same amount of time in the day, and unfortunately, it’s finite and constantly in demand. Some of us can find more time for doing the things that matter most in life, while others are drowning just trying to manage their day-to-day tasks. We can help you move from the second group back into the first. You deserve to control your time and truly make the most of it.


More than ever before, Network members are enjoying more flexibility, saving time and finding more time for what matters most, without compromising on success. But don’t just take our word for it.


We recently surveyed Network members to see what they thought. The results showed that 95% of Independent Agency owners in the Avoya Network feel that Avoya’s exclusive resources save them time and help run their businesses more efficiently.


Survey responses were equal across all experience levels, meaning that regardless of their background, Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network are empowered to invest time back into their business while also having more flexibility for their personal commitments and interests.


Having access to these innovative services and resources, Independent Agencies are improving their workflow, leaving them with more time. The best part? You define what matters. Want to invest more time back into your business? Looking to increase quality time with your family?
With Avoya, you decide how your time is spent.


According to survey results, the top three activities survey respondents said they had more time for was:

  • Growing their travel business
  • Spending time with family and friends
  • Enjoying more personal travel and vacations


Inspired by the results of this survey, we recently launched our More Time campaign, showcasing that the Avoya Network is the very best choice for entrepreneurs who want to take more control of their time and income potential.


Take control of your income potential

After conducting this Network survey, one thing was for sure: Avoya provides unmatched services, marketing, support and technology to Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network, one of the largest and most successful travel agency networks in the world.


Let’s dive into some of these key resources:

Marketing: In line with helping you find more time, Avoya offers you an option to spend less time marketing and sourcing customers, and more time selling vacations and growing your business. Using Avoya’s optional Live Leads program, new client leads are accessible 24/7 via Agent Power™ from home, on the go or anywhere in the world and at no additional expense.


This optional program sends new clients directly to you and is designed to give you more time for building client relationships while saving time looking for new clients. This frees up more time to enjoy what’s most important in life, while earning more. Have your own client database? Take advantage of Avoya’s highly effective and award-winning marketing resources to continue building those relationships. Do your own marketing or claim Live Leads, or do both, the option is yours.


Plus, to give your brand a boost, as an American Express Travel Representative for over 30 years, you’ll also gain the instant credibility and benefits that come from Avoya’s affiliation with one of the world’s biggest and most valuable brands.


Technology: To help streamline tasks and efficiently run the back end of your business,  Avoya offers Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network exclusive access to Avoya’s proprietary, fully integrated, web-based Travel Agency Operating System™, Agent Power. In the recent survey we conducted, 80% of participating members stated that Agent Power is the most valuable resource for running an independent agency efficiently.


This easy-to-use, award-winning, patented technology offers 24/7 access to Live Leads, integrated booking and search engines, marketing and agency support resources, including a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, professional development programs, accounting and commission reporting, promotion finder, agency metrics dashboard and much more.


Professional Education Opportunities: Survey respondents also agreed that competitive professional sales development offerings like the Avoya Mastermind Program™, promotions and group space were other valuable offerings that Avoya provides to their independent travel businesses.


Avoya offers a wide variety of professional education and business development resources, including Avoya University™, the Avoya Mastermind Program and its annual educational events, the annual Avoya Conference and weekly webinars that help Avoya Network members reach their maximum selling potential. With hundreds of available online interactive recorded lessons, live one-on-one coaching, group sessions and more from which you can select, the possibilities of growth are endless.


The Avoya Mastermind Program is a very valuable resource offered exclusively to Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network looking to improve their overall success and profitability. This award-winning program has helped Independent Agencies increase the rate they’re closing leads by an average of over 50% compared to their peers who choose not to participate. It has created a feeling of camaraderie and a very special community within the Avoya Network where Independent Agencies receive motivational support, networking opportunities and valuable shared knowledge.


Providing tailored education and support based on personal sales and industry experience, Network members can enjoy new courses and more dates than ever before to help them continue their business growth through results-driven professional and personal development education. These include:


  • Avoya Mastermind Early Success Academy™:
    In order to build a skyscraper, a solid foundation is imperative. The focus of this academy is building that foundation that includes business strategies with sales, promotions, Avoya-based content and more.
  • Avoya Mastermind Success Academy™: In keeping with building a strong foundation, the focus of this academy is everything there is to know about sales in order to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
  • Avoya Mastermind Ultimate Success Academy™: Up-building you as an independent travel professional, the focus of this academy is answering the “Now what?” question with an emphasis on returning clients and expanding your business.


Support: Along with Avoya’s innovative marketing and technology resources, you’ll receive the highest quality support. With a ratio of 1 agency support staff to every 8 Independent Agencies, you’ll never feel alone in the Avoya Network. Available 7 days a week, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have the backings of an entire travel network behind you, cheering you along on your path to success.


Avoya has programs for both experienced travel professionals and entrepreneurs new to the industry. Whether you’re searching for a new travel network to partner with or are looking to supplement the offerings of your current host with the programs and resources in the Avoya Travel Network, contact us today at 1-888-320-4670 or visit to learn more.