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With Group Travel on the Rise, Gen Z Travelers are Seeking Reputable Travel Companies

Waltham, Mass. (September 18, 2023) – During the pandemic there was much speculation over the resiliency of group travel. The leading consensus amongst travel professionals was that the segment would bounce back, but questions loomed over how group travel would evolve in light of the pandemic and how would the growing market of Gen Z travelers contribute to trends in the group travel segment. StudentUniverse, a Flight Centre Travel Group company and the world’s largest student and youth travel marketplace, endeavored to answer some of these questions and conducted a survey of Gen Z travelers in the US to get their insights on group travel. 


When Choosing A Provider, Customer Satisfaction Reigns Supreme 

Gen Z travelers are placing a high value on customer satisfaction and are seeking out travel companies with a track record of positive reviews and repeat customers. When asked to rank the importance of a variety of considerations when considering booking with a travel company the factors that Gen Z travelers rated as very important include: brand trust (68%), good customer service (66%) and positive customer reviews (64%). Of the various considerations presented, these three ranked at the top along with good value for the money which was ranked as very important by 68% of respondents. In summary, what this tells us is that Gen Z travelers are taking the time to research the travel company they are considering booking with and are listening to insights from other travelers and their peers. As for those factors that Gen Z travelers ranked as being of least importance were brand alignment with their own values and the ability to travel with like-minded individuals. This doesn’t mean that brand values are not important necessarily to Gen Z, but given they are putting an emphasis on spending their dollars with companies that are providing a high level of customer satisfaction indicates they are looking at the whole package. Essentially, they want to travel with those who don’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk. 


Gen Z Sees Group Travel As A Way To Save Money 

Nearly 90% of survey respondents indicated they would likely expect discounts for traveling with a group, with 53% indicating they absolutely expect discounts. This may not come as a surprise as the general thinking around group travel is the ability to divide costs of certain experiences amongst groups. What these insights mean for companies offering group travel is that advertising those savings to Gen Z is going to be a critical factor in attracting these travelers. Further to that, 54% of Gen Z travelers prefer that the price of the package offered reflects the entirety of the trip rather than having to pay separately for additional costs and fees. Presenting a package as an all-in-one-fee makes the decision easier for Gen Z travelers because they understand the full cost upfront and can budget accordingly. 


Being In A Group Makes One More Daring 

It should come as no surprise that over 80% indicated they would definitely feel safer traveling as part of a group but with that sense of safety comes a willingness to take bigger risks. 72% of Gen Z travelers indicated they would be more likely to take risks when traveling with a group. For young travelers, being amongst their peers emboldens them to try new things and engage with new cultures ultimately leading to a more satisfactory experience. 


While They Prefer Independent Planning, Gen Z Is A Ripe Market for Travel Companies 

While most Gen Z travelers indicated they would prefer to plan their own group trips, 45% indicated they are open to working with a travel company that will plan their trip. Although most prefer these trips are planned for their own group or with a group of peers, Gen Z travelers are a ripe market for travel companies looking to attract younger travelers with group offerings. 


Small Groups Is Where Gen Z Feels Most Comfortable 

Approximately 95% of Gen Z travelers indicated their preferred group size would be less than 10 people with 55% noting ideally the group would be 2-5 people. This data is not surprising given that during the pandemic people became accustomed to smaller groups. Furthermore, a smaller group allows for a more intimate setting and more opportunity to connect with fellow travelers. In addition to having strong opinions on the number of people in the group, Gen Z also overwhelmingly preferred group trips that are 1-2 weeks in length with 60% indicating this is the ideal length of time. 



About StudentUniverse:

Launched in 2000, StudentUniverse is a Boston-based tech company that operates the world’s largest student and youth travel marketplace. Through negotiations with a network of global partners, StudentUniverse offers exclusive pricing and terms for its members. With operations in the U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada and the Philippines, StudentUniverse empowers students and youth to travel more. Acquired in 2015, StudentUniverse is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Flight Centre Travel Group, one of the world’s largest travel companies. For more updates, follow our corporate blog and LinkedIn.