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When Winter Storms Strike, agent24 Serves as Essential Partner for Travel Agencies and Their Customers

When Winter Storms Strike, agent24 Serves as Essential Partner for Overloaded Travel Agencies and Their Customers

Leading North American After-Hours Travel Service Provider Experiences Growth from Non-Traditional Sources as Industry Demand Shifts


OYSTER BAY, NY (February 27, 2024): Severe thunderstorms are expected to arrive in the Midwest today, with snow, hail, winds and even a tornado possible. As winter storm season endures, the potential for massive flight disruptions is ever-present. Last month, more than 8,000 flights were canceled and over 31,000 were delayed as a series of storms hit 12 states, according to flight-tracking website FlightAware.


Help During Extreme Events


The Federal Aviation Administration reports that weather accounts for about 75 percent of flight delays. When interruptions happen outside of regular business schedules, after-hours service providers such as agent24 rise to the challenge to help impacted travelers. The company’s call volumes skyrocket up to 400 percent of normal levels during major storms.


“We’re here to assist travelers seamlessly when bad weather disrupts their plans,” said Jim Mazza, agent24 President. “This time of year is our peak, as weather delays are especially frequent in the first quarter. We’re on duty 24/7 to solve problems for affected travelers and simultaneously provide peace of mind to their advisors.”


Need for Business Support Growing


Flight disruptions remain 300 percent above historical norms, according to industry data provider Infare. In addition to increasingly extreme weather, the aviation industry continues to wrestle with staffing issues and the rapid hike in demand for global air travel.


Those factors are also contributing to a growing demand for agent24’s services:

  • Short-staffed agencies can’t find enough advisors to hire, so need extra help
  • Agencies are limiting their opening hours, including closing longer and more frequently for holidays, and looking for more coverage as a result
  • Corporate travel – the largest business segment for after-hours service centers – is on the upswing and, according to Deloitte, will surpass pre-pandemic levels within the year
  • Businesses aside from corporate agencies are now seeking call-center support, such as corporate travel departments, group travel organizations handling meetings and incentive trips, and individual companies


Daytime Calls Increase Significantly


The rising need for call-center services is fueled by another emerging trend. Traditionally, demand was heavy after travel agencies closed for the day and on weekends. However, business during daytime hours has been increasing quickly.


“For years before Covid, 99 percent of our business was after hours,” Mazza said. “In the past couple of years, the number of daytime calls we receive has grown tenfold and continues to build. We’ve expanded our capacity to stay ahead of this developing need.”


Founded in 1982 by American Marketing Group, agent24 was an early innovator in the after-hours travel services industry. Today, still under the same family ownership and management, it is one of North America’s largest providers of business travel support. For more, go to