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VIVA Cruises Launches “VIVA Additions” Onboard Credits program for 2023 and 2024 Sailings

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – February 28, 2023 – European river cruise brand, VIVA Cruises, is introducing the new “VIVA Additions” onboard credits program for sailings in 2023 and 2024 booked from North America. These bonus credits can be used by guests onboard for incremental charges throughout the duration of their cruise.


VIVA Cruises will offer new “VIVA Additions” onboard credits that are calculated based on the duration of each guest’s 2023 or 2024 cruise, based on per person, double occupancy. Guests traveling solo, booked under the standard single supplement will receive 25 percent of the fare paid in VIVA Additions onboard credits per person – other than on no single supplement special promotions where they will receive the standard per person VIVA Additions credit amount.


VIVA Additions will appear as a credit to each guest’s shipboard account and will be applicable to all onboard incremental charges such as gift shop purchases, a la carte bottle charges, laundry, and spa services as available on certain ships. VIVA Additions can also distinctively be applied to shore excursions. VIVA Additions are not redeemable for cash disbursements, nor can they be rolled over to a future cruise should any unused credit remain at the end of a cruise.


“At VIVA Cruises we are thrilled to take guests to revel in cherished memories on distinctive river routes as they sail aboard our modern fleet of contemporary premium ships. True to the motto “Enjoy the Moment” – our new VIVA Additions onboard credits are yet another way that we are delivering unforgettable vacations with bonus credits on shipboard purchases and experiences like spa services or even for exploring onshore with amazing excursions,” said Andrea Kruse, COO of VIVA Cruises.


Following is the breakdown of the VIVA Additions onboard credits now being offered on 2023 and 2024 cruises. VIVA Additions credits are presented in Euros consistent with the European cruise line’s onboard currency:


Cruise Nights    Additions Value Per Person
3                        € 90
4                        € 120
5                        € 150
6                        € 180
7                        € 210
9                        € 270
10                      € 300
11                      € 330
12                      € 360
13                      € 390
14                      € 420
15                      € 450

This offer is capacity controlled and may be withdrawn at any time.


VIVA Cruises itineraries are commissionable to travel advisors starting at 10 percent, and increasing based on bookings.  Cruise programs can be accessed and booked via the VIVA Cruises website at For additional details or to book, travel advisors can call 1-833-YES-VIVA.



About VIVA Cruises

Backed by its cruise-pioneering parent Scylla that shares its tradition of excellence in river and expedition cruising since 1973, VIVA Cruises invites travelers to experience the very best of Europe, the way it was meant to be discovered: with good company, unique perspectives, and award-winning service and amenities. Knowing that not all travelers are the same, VIVA Cruises has made it their mission to give customers greater ease, flexibility, and choice. With decades of experience cruising to Europe’s most popular destinations, the company is proud to offer a cruise experience like no other, designed to enrich, inspire, and renew. Following all the greatest rivers (Danube, Elbe, Moselle, Rhine, Rhône, Seine, and the Main-Danube Canal) and Baltic Sea, guests will delve into the heart of timeless towns and villages as well as the world’s most thriving capitals.