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VAX: A Bounty of Tools at Your Fingertips

VAX VacationAccess

Empowering Travel Advisors: VAX VacationAccess Redefines Booking Platforms as a Comprehensive Hub for Growth and Client Connection

Written By: Jenna Buege, Senior Editor – VAX VacationAccess 


At VAX VacationAccess, everything we do is designed with travel advisors in mind. More than just a booking engine, VAX is a hub for helpful tools and resources created to help advisors connect with their clients and grow their businesses. 


Need help finding these resources? No problem. Here’s what you need to know about some of VAX’s most valuable tools and content, all available at your fingertips.  


The Industry Calendar 

Keep up with the latest industry events, trainings, and webinars with VAX’s Industry Calendar. Located under the “Resources” tab on the site’s main navigation bar, the Industry Calendar is the travel pro’s go-to place for staying organized and in the know. 


VAX: A Bounty of Tools at Your Fingertips


Specialty Travel Resources 

Looking for tools and information to help fuel your specialty travel business? VAX’s Specialty Travel page, located under the “Resources” tab of the main navigation pane, has the information to help you succeed. From destination weddings and family travel to pet-friendly tips and tricks, it all lives here.  


Also on this page is a section labeled “Power Up Your Productivity”, an especially nifty resource created using content from VAX’s annual Power Up for Peak (PUFP) campaign. Each year, PUFP covers a variety of VAX-related topics to help advisors master the platform. A few examples from previous campaigns include booking engine tips, info on how to best utilize supplier showcases, a guide for accessing the Help Center, and a brief overview of The Compass. 


VAX: A Bounty of Tools at Your Fingertips


Travel Inspo Tool Kit 

Do you ever struggle with social media? Whether you’re not sure how to get started or are lacking inspiration when it comes to what to post, VAX’s Travel Inspo Tool Kit is here to save the day. Equipped with shareable content from suppliers, pre-written social media copy, memes, and ready-to-go articles from The Compass, acing the basics of content marketing has never been easier. 


And, for advisors who need additional guidance, we’ve provided step-by-step instructions for posting to various social media platforms. 


VAX: A Bounty of Tools at Your Fingertips


Takeoff Travel Stream 

Created in collaboration with Next Travel Stream, The Takeoff Travel Stream provides advisors with up-to-date streaming news curated specifically for travel pros. Focused on key issues that drive the current and anticipated performance of airlines, hospitality, ground transportation, cruise line, tech, and more, The Takeoff Travel Stream is a great resource for quick, on-the-go coverage. 


VAX: A Bounty of Tools at Your Fingertips