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Valencia Named Healthiest City in the World

UK-based price comparison website,, crowns Valencia the healthiest city in the world highlighting the magnificent quality of life and more in the Turia capital



VALENCIA, Spain (January 28, 2022) – Valencia has once again been named the healthiest city in the world according to Crowned consecutively for a second year, the study evaluates how cities prioritize the health of its locals and visitors through several key factors.


Analyzing what contributes to a healthy lifestyle, seven distinct areas were taken into account during the study, including: obesity levels, life expectancy, pollution levels, health care, safety, crime rate and hours of sunlight. New for 2022, the study also looks at other aspects such as: number of toilets per 100,000 inhabitants, health spending, percentage of the population with access to health care and the prevalence of mental and substance use disorders.


The light of Valencia

Not just a popular local expression that names the sun and the Valencian climate, the city accumulates 2,696 hours of sunlight per year with an average temperature of 19 degrees. These characteristics, combined with access to acres of parkland and miles of beaches make the city a timeless destination to enjoy in any season.


Sustainable gastronomy and seasonal produce

Few cities in the world have access to such a variety of rich and natural resources from which locals, markets and restaurants all benefit from. On land, València is surrounded by miles of orchards growing native produce, such as rice from L’Albufera and tomatoes from El Perelló in addition to oranges, persimmons or carob beans. From the sea, the Mediterranean brings a great variety of fish to the city’s fish market daily. Furthermore, in 2022 Valencia will host the Michelin Guide Spain & Portugal meeting in recognition of the city’s cuisine and the excellence of its product.


Low contamination rates

Due to Valencia’s proximity to the coast, the Mediterranean sea breeze helps to naturally purify the city’s air, keeping pollution levels well below its European neighbors. In the city center, five million sq m of green areas, including the Parque de Cabecera, Parque Central, Jardines del Real and Jardín del Turia are just some of the areas where nature is in abundance. In addition, recent projects such as measuring Valencia’s carbon and water footprint, and the announcement of Valencia as 2022 European Smart City, allow visitors to enjoy a more sustainable and healthy travel experience.


Excellent health care

Valencia holds a large proportion of industry health care specialists who work in centers equipped with some of the most advanced instruments and technology in the sector. Leaders in Oncology, the city is currently awaiting the opening of the Instituto Valenciano de Oncología (IVO), named for two years as one of the 50 best cancer centers in the world.


A long life expectancy

The study indicates that the average life expectancy of a Valencian is 83.5 years. The quiet lifestyle, combined with a healthy Mediterranean diet, low levels of pollution and crime rate, make the quality of life ideal for maintaining good health.


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Renowned for its mouthwatering gastronomy and home to the Spanish dish paella, Valencia is a must-see destination when discovering Spain. Located on the Iberian Peninsula with immediate access to the Mediterranean Sea, travelers who visit Valencia can experience 75 miles of beaches, including the famous La Malvarrosa, year-round warm weather, and plenty of outdoor activities such as bike routes that span nearly 100 miles and hike trails that cross the Albufera National Park. Featuring three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, impressive museums and spectacular gardens, this vibrant city is filled with breathtaking sights including the Palace of the Marquis of Dos Aguas, the historical Old Town, and charming neighborhoods that reflect Valencia’s past and present culture. Designated the World Design Capital for 2022, those who vacation in Valencia must explore the City of Arts and Sciences and revel in its innovative and futuristic buildings. Visitors can choose from all sorts of accommodations ranging from beachfront lodging to luxury historical palaces. A port city ideal for the eco-conscious traveler, it is the first destination to be awarded by AENOR for verifying the carbon footprint of its tourist activity, and the Richard Camarena Restaurant, located in the heart of Valencia, was rewarded a Green Michelin star for its constant commitment to the environment. To learn more about the Spanish city of Valencia and begin to plan your trip, visit: