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Upscape Launches OUTPOST: Pop-up Camps in Chile

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An Outpost is a last connection to civilization. Leading experiential travel company, Upscape, has recently launched Outpost – Chile’s first off-the-grid, pop-up camp experience found within the vast remoteness of Patagonia’s wilderness, created to escape the buzz of 21st century life.


“The mindset around travel has changed – travelers want challenges, meaning and something not yet discovered. At the same time, the constant presence of Wi-Fi and pressures of social media make finding those moments—and fully enjoying them—increasingly difficult every day,” says Upscape Founder & CEO, Brian Pearson. “We were able to use our deep knowledge of the land to identify lesser-known destinations, outside of the common travelers’ route, to create places where family and friends can come together and truly explore.”


Outpost launches with private and group excursions in Aysén, a sparsely populated area with vast glaciers, fjords and snow-capped mountains, and Maule Valley, one of the oldest wine-producing regions in Chile. Upscape’s inaugural Outpost debuts along Patagonia’s Río Jeinimeni in February 2019 and the Maule region in October 2018 with announcements to follow for Outpost Atacama, Outpost Elquí and Outpost Lakes for the 2019 and 2020 total solar eclipses, respectively.


Despite the vast remoteness, Outpost guests are surrounded by comfort and accompanied by specialty guides intimately familiar with the land. Each camp accommodates up to 16 people in private, furnished tents and offers a relaxing base for trekking, fly fishing, horseback riding, paddling, and photography classes.


Travelers can book Patagonia and Maule locations as private Outposts or join small-group excursions (see dates below). Pricing includes specialty guides, a private cook (daily food and drink) and lodging.




Within the Jeinimeni Reserve, which stretches from Argentina to the Patagonia Ice Fields in Chile, Outpost Patagonia is found along the shores of the brilliant turquoise river, Río Jeinimeni. This largely uninhabited area has four markedly different ecosystems, including: deciduous forests, evergreen forests, steppe, and high peaks, creating unique and dramatic scenery. Outpost Patagonia is positioned as a home base for travelers to explore, as well as access the entrance of Patagonia Park, the conservatory that made headlines earlier in 2018 when it was gifted by the Tompkin’s Conservation to the Chilean government.



Maule Valley, within Chile’s region VII is known historically as the southern-most boundary of the ancient Incan empire. Today, locals preserve generations of family land and winemaking customs. While only a few hours from Santiago, a visit can been described as stepping back in time. Outpost Maule is found along the shores of Río Maule, which runs through the wine valley westward from the Andes and provides a home base for travelers to explore nearby wineries, including Bouchon Family Vineyards, where the País Salvaje is made from wild grown uva país.


Now available for private bookings in October and November 2018. Suggested itinerary includes two nights in Outpost Maule and one night at boutique hotel and winery, Casa Bouchon.



Coming late 2018.


Coming for the total solar eclipse 2019 near Elquí Valley, Chile.


Coming for the total solar eclipse 2020 near Pucon, Chile.

For more information about off-the-grid Outpost adventures with Upscape, visit



About Upscape

Upscape is an experiential and adventure travel company based in Santiago, Chile with 15 years of know-how in creating unique itineraries in the Southern Cone, including Uruguay, Argentina and Chile. Their extensive knowledge covers iconic cities such as Buenos Aires, Santiago and Montevideo, wine-growing regions, alternate season ski destinations, on and off-the-grid in Patagonia and the Atacama Desert. Upscape itineraries have been recognized by the likes of National Geographic Traveler, Vogue and Food + Wine. In 2017 Upscape was named to the Travel + Leisure A-List for the 4th year in a row and Upscape Founder Brian Pearson was recognized as a Condé Nast Traveler Top Travel Specialist for the third year in a row.