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U.S. Residents are Traveling, Spending and Insuring More This Holiday Season

Spending and Insuring More This Holiday Season Reports Squaremouth

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. December 17, 2019 —  More U.S. residents than ever are traveling for their holiday vacations this year and protecting their trip investment with travel insurance. Travel insurance comparison site, Squaremouth, reports this year’s holiday travel trends, including where travelers are headed and how much they’re spending.


Travelers Stay Close to Home for the Holidays


The United States is the most popular destination for U.S. travelers again this holiday season.


  • Mexico and Caribbean countries are the most popular international destinations for holiday travel.


  • Israel is the fastest growing international destination, with a 94% increase in popularity compared to last year.


Travelers Spending More Than Ever


Travelers are spending more on their holiday trip this year, with the average trip cost increasing 14% across top destinations.


  • Even travelers staying stateside are spending more on their holiday trips this year, as the average cost increased to $4,056.


  • Travelers saw the highest increase in cost for travel to Costa Rica with a trip cost spike of 60%.


  • Israel is the most expensive destination this holiday season, with an average trip cost of $10,622.


Travel Insurance Awareness Grows


More travelers are insuring their holiday trips this year, with a 23% increase in travel insurance policies purchased for trips during the Christmas and New Year holidays.


  • Travelers insuring domestic trips specifically increased 38% compared to last year.


10 Most Popular Destinations this Holiday Season


Destination YOY Traveler Growth Average Trip Cost YOY Change in Average Trip Cost
United States +38% $4,068 +5%
Mexico +34% $5,325 +12%
Bahamas -29% $4,243 -17%
Costa Rica +38% $8,617 +60%
Jamaica -27% $6,042 -4%
Israel +94% $10,622 +8%
United Kingdom +3% $2,891 -10%
France +21% $5,300 +44%
Puerto Rico +7% $5,168 -10%
Canada +34% $2,598 +27%


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