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tripXpress Celebrates 10 Years of Advances to Make Travel Advisor Booking More Efficient

tripXpress Celebrates 10 Years of Advances to Make Travel Advisor Booking More Efficient

Proprietary Itinerary Builder Continues Evolving with Groundbreaking Crypto Acceptance, AI and More to Enhance Searching for, Booking and Sharing Trips


OYSTER BAY, NY (November 16, 2023): From its origin in 2013 as a basic hotel booking engine to today’s full-service itinerary builder, tripXpress has evolved over the past decade to become an invaluable time-saving platform for advisors affiliated with TRAVELSAVERS, NEST and The Affluent Traveler Collection.


With tripXpress, advisors can search, build and book trips easily in one place. The proprietary system empowers them with inventory access at their fingertips, virtually all of which is available immediately. The wide range of product includes air, cruise, guided tours, activities, transfers, insurance and more than 160,000 hotels. After booking, advisors receive an itinerary to share with clients, customizable with photos, descriptions and destination information. tripXpress is free for affiliated agencies and has been used to build over 50,000 itineraries.


“We broke new ground when tripXpress launched, because, for the first time, our advisors could go to a single site to book our preferred suppliers,” said Brian Burney, Senior Vice President, Operations. “They could search, build and book trips with an easy-to-use platform that saved them precious time. From that start 10 years ago, tripXpress has evolved into the all-in-one location where advisors create customized itineraries that delight their clients.”


Since tripXpress launched with hotels only, it has developed into a complete itinerary building platform by adding product from a variety of travel segments. Integrations with agency customer relationship management and other back-end systems empower tripXpress to assist with functions such as client profile updates, database marketing and price tracking. Another enhancement, Lead Dashboard, enables agencies to manage, send and track partner offers to qualified clients. The consumer version of tripXpress allows travelers to review itineraries online as well as extensive destination information.


The unique strength of the booking engine is its development in sync with agency needs and input. Over its 10 years, advances such as viewing all cruise rates together in a grid, searching by hotel chain code, and merging two itineraries together were incorporated into the tool based on advisor suggestions. tripXpress benefits advisors in another way: they are able to mark up bookings with service fees and commissions on hotels and up to 15 percent commissions on cruises.


“The people behind tripXpress make it truly different in the industry,” Burney said. “It’s one of the few booking platforms where an advisor can provide a suggestion and see that suggestion come to life. It’s really their platform and it’s solving their real-world problems.”


As it starts its second decade, tripXpress will continue its heritage of innovation to save advisors time and enrich client service. In a travel network first, agencies will be able to accept cryptocurrency as payment through tripXpress. The program will begin with select cruise lines, then expand to other partners.


Artificial intelligence will be also incorporated into tripXpress. As well, to assist with lead generation, advisors will have the ability to create an affiliate link program. Clients will enter the tripXpress booking process with one easy click from advisor-created digital marketing content on web pages and social media.


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