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Traveltek Signs New Client in the USA, Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line

Traveltek Signs New Client in the USA, Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line

Traveltek cement their growth plans into the travel technology sector within North America with the recent announcement of signing Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line as a client. 


We have had great success in the UK, Europe and Australasia travel sector and the brand is now well established and recognised as the leading provider of travel technology software within these regions. Over the last few years, we have incorporated into our business strategy to grow our client base in North America, as the travel companies based in this region are an ideal fit for the Traveltek product range. In addition, this has included building a dedicated team who are based in Dallas, consisting of both a dedicated Account Manager and a Vice President of Sales – Americas. 


Traveltek Vice President of Sales – America, Kevin Walker, commented on the new deal “It is great to see that the hard work into developing the North America client base is starting to reap rewards. Traveltek’s first relationship with Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line was as a supplier via the Traveltek Travel API (Application Programming Interface). Building on this original relationship and via our award-winning travel technology software product provide both a B2B and B2C cruise and stay booking platform that will allow Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line to scale and develop their business accordingly.”


Francis Riley, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line, added “I have been impressed with the Traveltek system and been a strong advocate of their powerful technology for some time. As now both a supplier and a client of Traveltek we expect to see more uplift in terms of travel companies accessing our two night cruises via the Traveltek Platform and internally we now have the technology to curate our unique cruise and stay programs for agents to sell”