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Travel Professionals Guide: Millennials and Social Media

Written By: Andy Ogg, CTIE – Editor and Marketing Director, Travel Professional NEWS®



For millennials, life is all about the experience. According to, Millennials are the generation that travels the most: 35 days a year. That is why traveling has become one of their top “priorities.” But why is their need for travel become so rampant? Well, it’s because through social media, they are exposed to more destinations shared by the people around them. Here are some trivia that you need to know about millennials and social media:


Millennials Travel More Than Other Generations

Millennials are more likely to be using ‘all or most’ of their vacation time in traveling. Instead of buying material things such as gadgets or  apparel, they are most likely willing to spend more on their next vacation trip, even if it means delaying the purchase of a material product. According to AARP Research, millennials travel on an of average 2.6 trips per person each year, compared to other generations.


Millennials Listen More to Influencers

According to, Millennials are 54% more likely to make a purchase based on a social media influencer’s recommendation. Influencer marketing is essential for millennials as they feel like their peers are recommending ideas to them, rather than hard sell advertisements from brands.


Millennials Choose Their Next Destination Based on Photos

If they see a picturesque view of the ocean or a glorious terrain of land, they tend to ask the question, “Where is this?” According to Expedia, the top priority of young adults traveling abroad, is how “instagrammable” their destination is. When the photos serve as a great backdrop for their Instagram or Facebook, they will consider this to be part of their next itinerary for their next trip.


Millennials Book Trips that Align with Their Budget

Based on’s article, “Millennials may be the generation most burdened by student debt and high rents, but they’re also the ones most likely to splurge on vacations.” Thus, even if they have a limited budget, they will work their way around it, just so they can take a quick vacation and have tick off from their bucket list.


Millennial Travelers Seek “Off the Beaten Path” Experiences

Millennials seek the “less touristy” side of the destination so that they can have a more personable experience. Usually, millennials prefer a less-busy side of the country that is filled with locals so that they can be immersed with the culture of the country.


Millennials are More Likely to Try Activity Based Travel 

Ideally, most people want vacations to be relaxing and peaceful. However, millennials gear towards an itinerary filled with activities as they are more into exploring and discovering new places. Adventurous activities like trekking, diving, and even biking around the city can be interesting for them, as it is an exciting experience that they can share with friends. Plus, it’s good content for their social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.


Millennials are Digital Nomads, so they Can Bring Their Work While Traveling. 

With the power of technology and mobility, Millennials usually bring their work with them anytime anywhere. Even if they’re on vacation, they are most likely open to checking their emails and inquiries from work as it is connected with their phone and laptop. So even if they are relaxing on a beautiful beach or even having coffee in a cultural spot of their destination, as long as they have internet, they can work for a few hours so they don’t miss anything while they are gone.


Millennials Like Meeting New People on Trips

Hostels and shared spaces while traveling have become popular with millennials, not just because it’s cheap, but because they have an opportunity of meeting different people from different countries. Having shared spaces like a bar, coffee shop, or pool can be a great spot for millennials to engage with their fellow travelers, and even gain companionship while exploring the destination that they are in.


Millennials Want Help from Travel Professionals and Experts

Contrary to the belief that millennials like to do everything on their own, they still seek professional advice from experts. Since traveling is essential for them, they want their trips to be organized in a way where they get to maximize their time efficiently and effectively. A report by the American Society of Travel Advisors found a stunning 55% of Millennials are inclined to hire travel experts to plan their trips, while just 28% of Baby Boomers say the same.


Millennials Find the Experts Online

Millennials are looking for Travel Professionals in the same place they find their inspiration, which is through searching online. So if you want to expand your market to this niche, you better set up a social media platform that engages with millennials. Try connecting with them by posting content on your Instagram about unique and adventurous travel or posting a review on a certain budget-friendly place that can be an ideal place for them to stay. Once you get to know them more, it will be easier to have them as clients (and even repeat clients).




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