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Travel Professional Success Stories – Janet Noblett


Travel Professional Name: Janet Noblett

Agency Name: Dreamtravel4you/Affiliate of Cruises and Tours Unlimited

Location: Tampa, Florida

Host Agency Name: Outside Agents

Years as a Travel Professional: 2 and ½ years

Specialization or Niche: Cruises, All Inclusive and Honeymoons



What led you to be a Travel Professional? 


I had been helping family and friends plan their vacations for over 15 years and realized I had a passion for travel.


At which point did you know that this was the career for you? 


When I was planning my own travel, I booked many vacations through travel agents and was not happy with the level of customer service that I was receiving and felt I could do this better.


What three things about working with your Host Agency has been the most useful and helpful? 


The owners Steve Muraca, Chad Burt, and Dan Crutchfield (groups manager) are always available to answer any questions. I could not have become this successful this quick if it was not for the support of them.  They are my biggest cheerleaders and support system. The training Outside Agents gives new agents is phenomenal.  It is the ground floor of our business and the continuing training throughout the year is what sets us apart from other agencies. The support from fellow agents in our agency is incredible. We have an on-line agent forum in which questions are asked and answered.  You never feel like you are alone and lost.  New agents as well as veteran agents use the forum.


What advice would you offer to someone looking to join the Travel Industry? Do you have a passion for travel?


That is the biggest question.  If you have a passion for what you are selling you will be successful.  Like all sales—you are in control of what you do.  Are you willing to invest time??  You need to know how to market yourself and make things happen.  Business does not fall in your lap—you must earn it.


What advice would you offer to someone looking to work with a Host Agency? 


Do your research.  Call different host agencies and ask questions.  I spoke to about 3 host agencies and after speaking to Chad and Steve twice I knew without a doubt that Outside Agents was where I wanted to be.  It was the best decision I ever made.


Please share a couple of things have been the most important to your success so far?  


Besides the support of the owners and manager of OA it is all the marketing I do to generate business. When a promotion comes up I call or E-Mail past clients to let them know if I feel it would interest them. Social Media has made a tremendous impact on my business.  I created and am an administrator of a travel group page of over 1750 followers.  I generate quite a lot of business from that site. I have also joined a Business Networking Chapter.


What are your plans to grow your business in the next year?   


I am going to continue to do what I am doing but each year I generate more clients through referrals, which grows my business.


Do you feel that getting yourself out there and traveling is important for your business?


Absolutely.   If so, how do you make yourself get out there and take those trips?  I try to take at least 2-3 vacations a year and they are usually cruises.  I will do different itineraries to different destinations to broaden my horizon.