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Travel – Lessons Learned… 


Written By: Andy Ogg – Editor for Travel Professional NEWS



Travel is one of those things isn’t it? Not everyone travels and those who don’t, seem fine. They seem happy and satisfied with their lives. Now, what about those who do travel? What effects does travel have on them?


My wife, Angela and I got married on October 28th of 2016 and while the day went by way to quickly, it was one of the best days of our lives, one that will be remembered forever. Funding the entire wedding was a bit of strain on us so a Honeymoon wasn’t in the cards, or at least we thought. My parents, Tom and Joanie Ogg, surprised Angela and I with some amazing generosity a few months before our wedding. They offered to use their accrued miles on the airlines and points from their travel to give Angela and I a special trip after our big day. We were in awe.


We called it a “Familymoon” as we wanted our 2 1/2 year old fireball, Peyton Marie Ogg, to join us on our trip. My parents, Angela, Peyton and I packed our bags and found ourselves about to depart on our 11 day stay in Waikiki on the island of Oahu in Hawaii.


Now, I believe a little preface is needed. Our daughter, Peyton, has been quite the challenge. She is a very spirited, passionate and driven girl and has been since her inception. She likes things her way, and well if it’s not her way… watch out. As this Familymoon approached, my worry of the 5 1/2 hour flight, sleeping accommodations and life as a whole began to mount. Would Pey be able to sleep in the same room as us after having her own room since 6 months old? What were we in store for on the flight as she doesn’t even like one hour long car rides? What were we getting ourselves into?!?!


The day came and Angela and I made a promise to one another to go with the flow and keep a positive attitude. After a few drinks at the airport bar, we were on the plane and nervously awaiting what the next 5 hours held in store for us.


Pey was the absolute best traveller that I have ever seen! I could hardly believe my eyes as she watched the land disappear as we departed San Diego and the view turn pure blue as we made our way over the Pacific. Angela did a great job of packing all sorts of games and activities to occupy the time and while I was still a bit unsure how long this peace would last, it lasted until we touched down in Honolulu. To say that we were proud doesn’t suffice. We were overjoyed with our daughter and how she had handled the first part of this adventure. Who would have thought?


Being a bit of a protective parent, I booked a transfer with a car seat to take us to the Ilikai where we were staying. My parents had to take a separate flight and weren’t due in for a few hours. We arrived and lugged the massive amount of luggage to the room and got settled in the “spacious” 1 bedroom condo. Now, our home in San Diego is not just our home but our office as well. We bought a home much larger than we needed to accommodate our future needs, as well as any future children we may have. The 1 bedroom studio apartment we were staying in for 11 days was less square feet than our master suite in our home. How was this going to work when Pey runs up and down the stairs and all over our large home like a crazy lady every day? Sigh.


My hesitations were strong. I was worried how this was going to unfold and if this voyage would prove enjoyable. We had no idea how Peyton would sleep, or if she would at all. We had no idea what we would do in such a small space in the down time between activities. There was a lot of unknown in our forecast and as a parent, this was a bit scary.


From the day we arrived to the flight home, each day was filled with enjoyment, smiles and fun. Peyton not only slept in our new “home” for 11 days, she took great naps and adjusted better than Angela and I did. A few creative tweaks to the daily routine and we found a perfect fit for our family and the Familymoon. My parents were there to help in any way and were able to have some slumber parties with little Pey so Mom and I could enjoy some nights on the town and celebrate our newly accomplished marriage. To top it off, Peyton was even better on the flight home and was quite possibly the most excited passenger on the plane. Through the boarding process and take off, her “Weee’s” and “Whoo hooo’s” lit up our faces, as well as the other passengers.


What was I so worried for? Why was I so scared of the change? Why did I doubt my family’s ability to adept to these new surroundings?


Well, because it was new. It was something we had not done before and new things can be a bit scary can’t they? Travel not only taught me this, but it opened my eyes to the wonders that can be presented when you break out of your comfort zone and strike a new trail. Travel allowed us to embark on some unknown adventures with uncertain outcomes and enabled us to discover more about ourselves, more about our daughter and more about our little family.


We would have been fine without this adventure, but we are better because of it and that is the inspiration that Travel can provide. Travel brought us all closer and taught us that we can get through anything with each other. It taught me that I need to go with the flow a bit more and let the universe take its course instead of trying to dictate its direction.


Our Familymoon was a total success and we cannot thank my parents enough for the opportunities, support and understanding on this amazing trip. The “travel bug” has been sparked within our home and Angela and I have already begun planning a road trip to visit some close friends in Northern California in early 2017. Knowing that Peyton is capable of so much more than we expected, well it’s humbled us, and we want to provide Peyton with all the opportunities that travel can provide.


My message to you. Get out there. Step outside of your comfort zone and take a risk. Take the path less travelled and get a new view on life. Whether it is with family, friends or alone, just get out there.