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Travel Leaders of Tomorrow Introduces Corporate Training Program

Travel Leaders of Tomorrow Introduces Corporate Training Program

Registration Open for Second Cohort Beginning November 28


IRVING, TX (November 14, 2023)Travel Leaders of Tomorrow, a leading travel advisor training program, recently introduced a new program to train corporate travel advisors. The business travel advisor training completed its first class and is open to registration for the November 28 and February 6 study groups.


Since 2013, Travel Leaders of Tomorrow has trained new travel advisors, mostly focusing on leisure travel specialists. Over the years, there has been growing demand from travel agencies looking to bring on new employees to book corporate travel, leading to the development of business travel advisor training.


“Our training has a proven track record of success,” said Heather Kindred, Vice President, Travel Leaders of Tomorrow. “We have been producing successful leisure travel advisors for years, so it only made sense to expand the program to corporate travel advisors. Because of the special skills needed for business travel, Travel Leaders of Tomorrow developed an entirely new curriculum to serve this group.”


Business travel advisor training follows Travel Leaders of Tomorrow’s award-winning Virtual Campus format. Each cohort has a regular virtual study hall, guest lectures from industry experts, and a dedicated instructor experienced in corporate travel. By the end of the program, each participant is prepared to take a final exam that will test their knowledge and show their readiness to become a corporate travel advisor.


Dave Hershberger of Prestige Travel, a Travel Leaders Network Associate agency, had an employee as part of the inaugural class. “When it comes to corporate travel, the training needed is very different than that for a typical leisure travel advisor,” he said. “As a busy travel agency owner, I needed to find a training program that could help my employees build the necessary skills to be successful. The business travel advisor training program was the answer. They taught my employee how to think as a business travel advisor, the skills to serve our clients, and prepared them for their careers. I really appreciated their dedicated instructors who set my corporate travel advisor up for success, and freed my time up to continue to run my business as they were learning the ropes.”


The business travel advisor training program takes a holistic view of developing travel advisors. Participants are identified by their agency owners as having the right aptitude and attitude, and over the seven-week course are given the tools to learn how to serve business travelers and their employers. Travel Leaders of Tomorrow works with each student to identify their goals, strengths and areas for development that will set them up for success.


Kindred commented: “The future for corporate travel advisors is bright. Conversely, we are also dealing with a talent shortage and a need for new advisors and their fresh perspectives. Business Travel Advisor Training will help alleviate this shortage and put qualified, enthusiastic travel advisors into the talent pipeline. We are very excited to welcome our second cohort and beyond.”


Travel Leaders of Tomorrow’s programs are open to anyone who wants to become a travel advisor, or wants their employees and ICs trained. The leisure program is open to the U.S. and Canada, while the Business program is currently for the U.S. only.


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