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Travel Evacuation Insurance and the Travel Insurance Model Act

Travel Agent News for Travel Insurance Evacuation Coverage


Phoenix, AZ January 22, 2019 – With the December 2018 approval of the new Travel Insurance Model Act by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Travel MedEvac Insurance has launched a new program that enables Travel Agents and other Distributors of Travel Insurance Products to provide their clients a premiere stand-alone Medical Evacuation insurance plan that complies with the terms of the Model Law.


Distributors of travel insurance will be facing increasing regulation stemming from the passage of the Model Act, specifically in the areas of “medical evacuation” and “repatriation” coverage which are now classified as insurance (vs the previous classification of assistance/membership).  The previous lack of clarity in the law enabled non-insurance entities to take the risk and offer these coverages, thus bypassing the consumer protections that insurance law is designed to guarantee.


The Travel MedEvac Insurance policy protects clients when traveling for business or pleasure, more than 150 miles from home within the USA or anywhere in the world, regardless of mode of transportation.  A short medical evacuation flight and related costs can easily exceed $50,000, with longer flights costing up to $ 150,000.


“While many travelers are able to bear the cost of a lost bag or canceled flight, a significant risk often overlooked is illness or injury while traveling and the need for medical transport to the insured’s home hospital of choice, back to their health insurance network and close to family” says Joe Lesher, CPCU, ARM, CEO of Travel Med Evac.


“Travel MedEvac Insurance is distinguished as being true insurance” Lesher continued, “providing the protection and peace of mind only a regulated product can. By offering our product, travel agents and suppliers can stay ahead of pending updates to insurance regulations and provide coverage that supplements other traditional travel insurance, up to a $500,000 policy limit for medical evacuations.”


Travel MedEvac Insurance starts at just $4 per day and rates are deeply discounted for annual and group plans. For more information or to become a distributor of Travel MedEvac, please visit