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Travel Agency Tech: Revolutionizing How You Save Time And Money

Avoya Host Agency Feature for Travel Agents

Written By: Steve Hirshan, Senior Vice President of Sales Support – Avoya Travel



“I’ve got some spare time on my hands,” said no independent business owner ever. You have a long list of things to get done every day, and your time is valuable. Every minute spent, whether it be searching for new clients, managing your customer data, or finding the best promotions for your clients, is energy better suited toward making that next sale.


Small businesses spend an average of 20 hours per week on marketing alone, according to Small Business Trends. On top of that, 32% of professionals spend over an hour a day on data entry and analysis, per Introhive. Add that up and that’s more than half your week, gone in
a flash.


Time isn’t the only precious commodity as an independent business owner; your expenses are equally important. Why not save both time and money when it comes to sourcing new clients? According to Survey Anyplace, the average cost per lead in the travel and tourism industry is $29. Let that sink in for a moment.


So, what’s the solution to all this?

At Avoya Travel®, we are continually pioneering to provide Independent Agencies in the Avoya Travel Network™ with the very best resources and cutting-edge technology to make it easier to run an independent business and sell more travel.


With the offerings of Avoya’s powerful technology suite, you can save time and money, while also increasing your sales and efficiency. Even if you are a technology novice, our easy-to-use system can help you maximize your income and productivity.


Avoya’s patented technology incorporates all the functionality your independent travel business needs into one accessible source. You have the freedom of running your own independent business, while having the best support along your road to success.


Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network have exclusive access to Agent Power™, Avoya’s state-of-the-art technology. This comprehensive system allows you to streamline your workflow into one platform, with access to award-winning marketing programs, efficiency-boosting support resources, and so much more.


Here’s how you can take your agency to the next level with some of the exclusive and invaluable resources included in Agent Power, at no additional cost.


Get New Clients Delivered Directly To You

Wasting your valuable time and money to find clients is a thing of the past. You’re here to sell memorable vacation experiences, not worry about where to find your next customer. So, let Avoya handle the marketing, and instead channel all your energy into making sales and building relationships with your clients.


Day or night, you can get new clients sent directly to you with the industry’s most successful leads program, Live Leads™.


Through Avoya’s patented technology, travel seekers are matched to you by your specialty. They’re also sent to you and only you, so there’s no need to worry about being in competition with your colleagues in the Avoya Network.


With access to qualified customers 24/7 via web, phone, or mobile app, you’re never limited in your selling potential – it no longer matters where you work. Want to sell travel while relaxing on the beach? No problem – the world is your office!


This optional program is the #1 solution to one of the biggest challenges that travel professional’s face, and it’s available at no additional cost to you.


Make Stronger Strategic Business Decisions

When it comes to your client data, the difference between simply having access to it and knowing how to utilize it is integral to the success of your business.


We believe in supporting you, the travel seller, and provide the best high-tech resources to help you understand and leverage your client database to ultimately get more completed bookings.


Sometimes, data can be overwhelming. The numbers seem to be just that – numbers. But harnessing that data and transforming it into meaningful, practical information can tremendously help you to make better business decisions.


Avoya’s powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, a fully-integrated digital resource, provides you with vital customer data and insights to help you increase your productivity while easily managing your client information. Client information can be effortlessly loaded and accessed, freeing up your time for more important tasks.


With access to information regarding clients, booking sales, closing rates, and more, you’ll have all the information you need to improve relationships with past and future clients, streamline processes, and increase profitability.


Improve Agency Operations With Performance Reports

Without knowing how well your agency is doing, as well as where you have room for improvement, there is no way to grow. Tracking the performance of your business is an important resource in ensuring your business, and your sales, continue to progress.


Avoya’s Agency Dashboard™, an easy-to-understand resource integrated into Agent Power, provides you with direct, daily access to reports and insights crucial to running your travel business.


Using actionable reports, you can get deeper insight into your agency performance, in turn helping you make the best data-based decisions to employ a strategic plan to propel your future bookings and incomes.


The best part: the metrics are clear and easy to understand, so no need to worry about any statistical know-how.


The value of truly knowing and understanding what this data means is priceless. You can take your success into your own hands and your business to new heights!


No More Searching For The Best Deal

So many promotions to sift through, but which ones actually apply to your client’s booking and provide the best value for what they’re looking for?


Save time and skip the hassle of searching with Avoya’s Smart Value System™. Using this innovative technology, you can seamlessly find the best promotions available for your clients all in one easy-to-use booking engine.


Customers are always looking for the dollar-value as the bottom line, so why not give it to them? By providing your clients with high-quality quotes showing the dollar-value associated with the perks they’re receiving, you’ll increase the likelihood of closing that sale.


Save Time With All The Essential Resources

Along with all the incredible marketing and technology offerings detailed above, Avoya’s Agent Power offers many more dynamic resources to enhance your daily business processes and continually drive you on the path to success.


  • Back-Office Support

With an integrated email interface and calendar, back-office tasks can function like a breeze. Appointments, reminders, and automated notices help you keep in contact with clients 24/7 and ensure a payment deadline is never missed.


  • Integrated Booking Engines

Provide you with exclusive access to Avoya’s preferred supplier partner inventories, allowing you to easily book tours, cruises, hotels, and more, all in one central place. Plus, you’ll earn the highest commission rates in the industry, and get paid sooner with weekly direct deposit.


  • Educational and Professional Development

Continue to learn and grow as a travel professional with educational and professional development resources found within Agent Power, including Avoya University™, featuring hundreds of interactive recorded lessons, an easily-searchable online Knowledge Base, and weekly webinars with sales best practices, supplier updates,and more.


  • Live Support

You’ll never feel alone in the Avoya Network. Support is easily accessed through Agent Power, and available 7 days a week. You’ll also have the support of your fellow travel professionals in the Community Forum, featuring a wealth of shared network knowledge.


  • Accounting & Commission Tracking

Easily manage and ensure that your bookings are accurate, while also keeping track of your commission reports.


Travel Professionals Love These Resources Because They Work

Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network continually outperform their peers in other leading networks. Voted Best Host Agency five years in a row, our goal is to empower travel professionals with the best resources to be more successful than ever before.


Avoya has programs for both experienced travel professionals and entrepreneurs new to the industry. Whether you’re searching for a new host or looking to supplement the offerings of your current host with the programs and resources in the Avoya Travel Network, contact us today at 1-888-320-4670 or visit to learn more.