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Time-Saving Tips for Advisors Offering Travel Insurance

Boost your efficiency and enhance customer experience with easy tools and resources


Contributed By: Allianz Partners


The “revenge travel” wave, while a welcome business boom, may have you feeling stretched a little (or a lot!) thinner these days. When it comes to helping protect travelers—which can encourage higher customer satisfaction and strengthen loyalty to your brand—Allianz Partners has you covered with an array of tools and resources that can help you streamline more of your insurance offering process and stay up-to-date on your travel insurance knowledge.


Here are some tips on how you can make offering insurance easier by tapping into speed boosting automation and training tools, as well as the support of your sales team:


Look for a one-stop-shop solution for managing and tracking travel insurance sales, quotes, offers, and marketing. 

“I am using multiple application platforms to manage the travel insurance side of my business. It’s unorganized, messy, frustrating, and I’m starting to doubt if it’s worth the time.”


Can you relate to this common travel advisor comment? Using multiple apps to manage the travel insurance side of your business can get messy and overcomplicated. An option like AgentMax Online lets you log in from multiple devices (mobile, tablet, or desktop) and can integrate with popular booking platforms you may already be using for a more streamlined and efficient selling experience. It also includes tools that allow you to automate offers (we’ll get to those next!) and helpful administrative features, like new sale alerts, that help you easily stay on top of account management. Travel advisors appreciate its ability to generate quotes quickly and to speed up payments. In fact, 88% of travel advisors surveyed by Allianz Partners prefer AgentMax Online over any other travel insurance offer support tool.*


When offering Allianz Travel Insurance, you get access to additional offer support and marketing tools within AgentMax Online—like a digital brochure portal that lets you customize, download, and email product brochures on-demand, and complimentary ad campaigns (including social posts, print ads, digital ads, and videos). These can all help make conversations easier for you by educating customers on the value of travel insurance.

*Allianz Partners 2022 annual survey of travel agents



Automate offers as much as possible to quickly and easily generate, send, and organize travel insurance quotes for all your prospects.

“I don’t have time to collect and generate quotes for all prospects. I need an automated system that does this for me”.


“I can’t keep track of all the quote inquiries I receive. I need an application that organizes this for me”


“Creating email offers is time-consuming. I need an efficient, streamlined approach that does this for me.”


If any or all of these sentiments hit close to home, you’re certainly not alone. Luckily, there are easy-to-use tools within AgentMax Online that can help you tackle all these daily tasks with minimal time and effort.


MaxMail is a suite of automated email tools you can set up to be sent to customers at various stages during the offer—reiterating the value proposition of travel insurance with a quick summary of benefits and allowing you to add a personalized message if you’d like to. For customers who prefer to explore options on their own, you can use QuoteMax to display a travel insurance quote-generating widget on your website. Your customers can simply enter their information, review quotes, and purchase a plan online—and you’ll still get credit for the sale. It doesn’t get much easier than that! If you’re currently offering Allianz Travel Insurance, it’s easy to get started—there’s a library of quick video tutorials in the Resource Center (accessible after logging into AgentMax Online) to break everything down for you, step-by-step.


Find training options that work best for your schedule and your preferred way of learning, while helping you stay informed and competitive.

“I understand there’s a learning curve when it comes to travel insurance, but I see the benefits of offering it to my customers, so it’s worth it! I just need the tools and resources from a trusted source.”


“In terms of best practices and tech, my peers are excellent about continuing their education and staying up to date on the latest applications and resources that help advance their business. I need the resources that will help me stay competitive and will add value to my business.”


With both the demands of travel and customers’ needs in constant flux, these types of comments are typical of travel advisors who want to be prepared to quickly and confidently respond to customer inquiries.


Allianz Partners offers seven distinct multi-media training formats for affiliated advisors to stay up-to-date in their preferred way, on their preferred schedule:


  1. The online Travel Agent Academy is a great place for new advisors and new partners to start, as it provides an easily digestible overview of travel insurance, offer best practices, and other vital information. There are videos embedded in the content to help illustrate examples, and you can stop and re-start chapters as needed—letting you breeze through or go at your own pace, as your schedule allows.
  2. Members of the sales team also frequently host webinars, which can provide both quick overviews and focus on particular trending topics. These come with the added bonus of being able to participate in Q&A during the session.
  3. Trade show and conference training sessions have similar formats and benefits to webinars, but you may have the added opportunity to meet your district representative in person—a refreshing advantage for some, after many months of strictly virtual meetings through the peaks of the pandemic.
  4. If you prefer to learn by video (We see you, YouTube junkies!), you can find training videos in the AgentMax Online Resource Center and within other partner resources—like the online Partner Toolkit.
  5. The online Partner Toolkit is a web page for partners that serves as an information hub and portal to the most important training and offer support tools—plus, a directory to contact your district representative.
  6. For those who prefer all-in-one collective guides, there’s a digital Advisor Handbook that can be bookmarked on your browser and referred back to frequently for questions relating to covered reasons, terms and conditions around pre-existing medical conditions, the claims process, and more.
  7. Lastly, to keep you in the loop on the latest product and technology developments, traveler survey results, and other important news, there’s the AgentSmart blog and email alert to brief you on updates as they happen.



Lean on the experts for support when you have questions or need guidance. 

“I’m overwhelmed and need support. I would benefit from an expert that could answer my questions, point me in the right direct and help me get on track.”


If this ever feels like your inner monologue, take a deep breath and remember that Allianz Partners has your back. A nationwide team of district directors (with over 177 total years of account management experience between them!) is spread across the U.S. to closely support your business’ needs, share best practices, address questions that may be stumping you, and set you up for success.


If you’re not yet offering Allianz Travel Insurance, but interested in learning more about the advantages for you and your customers, visit JoinAllianzPartners.com.



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