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Tiered Memberships for Travel Advisors Makes Finding the Right Fit Even Easier

Written By: Candida Ross, Director of Sales – Independent by Liberty Travel



As a travel agent, you know more than anyone that travel agents are as diverse as the customers they serve. Independent by Liberty Travel recognizes that its travel agents have distinctive business needs. A boutique travel agency looking to better serve its clients will require different support than a travel agent just launching a new career as a freelancer. To address independent travel agents’ range of needs, Independent by Liberty Travel has launched a tiered membership program that allows travel agents to choose the level of support that’s just right for their business. With these new tiered memberships, you’ll continue to access Flight Centre Travel Group’s incredible portfolio of land, sea, and air partnerships while earning top commissions and benefiting from guidance and assets targeted to your career path and experience.


So, whether you’re new to the industry or are looking to grow your agency by tapping into the brand recognition that Liberty Travel and Flight Centre Travel Group can provide, Independent by Liberty Travel’s tiered memberships offer more options and support than ever before.


The Four Membership Tiers

To meet the unique needs of various levels of travel agents, these four different membership plans were carefully designed. Here’s the breakdown:


Jet-Setter (coming soon): With the highest level of support, highest gross commissions, and largest commission splits that Independent by Liberty Travel provides, the Jet-Setter membership plan offers both growing and established travel agencies what they need to succeed. For $39.99 a month, or $399 a year, plus $25 per month to access leads, Independent by Liberty Travel offers up to 19% gross commissions paid and a 70-90% commission split earned at this membership level (40% on Independent leads). Best of all, Jet-Setters get access to leads.


Jet-Setters will receive the widest range of educational offerings and career development support. At this membership tier, agents enjoy access to Independent by Liberty Travel’s educational package and tools (though there may be additional fees for certain services and materials). Jet-Setters also benefit from one-of-a-kind professional developmental services, for a fee. These agents can also attend Liberty Travel’s educational events for free (with select educational events offered at cost). And, Jet-Setters can take advantage of familiarization trips and reduced conference fees.


At the Jet-Setter level, agents receive access to powerful booking systems and online booking tools. When agents earn a minimum of $5,000 in commissions, they’ll also receive an IATA card, which gives them worldwide recognition as travel industry leaders, access to rewards programs, and exclusive educational and travel opportunities provided only to travel industry professionals at this level.


Independent by Liberty Travel’s unparalleled support is made available to these agents. This includes live agent support and customer support. Agents will also receive a personalized agency website, furthering the ability to promote and grow their business.


Adventurer: While this membership tier doesn’t offer access to leads, Adventurers receive all the other benefits enjoyed by the highest level membership tier. Adventurers enjoy up to 19% gross commissions paid, and 70-90% commission split earned. The cost of membership is $39.99 a month or $399 a year.


Vacationers: Vacationers enjoy all the benefits that Adventurers receive, but with limited access to educational programs and booking systems. Vacationers receive up to 12% gross commissions paid, and anywhere between 60-90% commission split earned. The cost of membership is $29.99 per month or $299 per year.


Weekender: Weekenders enjoy all the benefits of Vacationers, but they receive up to 10% gross commissions paid and 50-80% commission split earned. The cost of membership is $19.99 per month or $199 per year.


Additional Benefits to Come

As a member, you’ll receive additional benefits to be launched soon, including access to branded collateral, branded customer travel accessories, and our rewards program. Jet-Setters and Adventurers will also soon be able to take advantage of marketing tools, with Vacationers and Weekenders having the option to purchase access to these tools. Finally, Jet-setters and Adventurers will also have access to Sabre GDS and iHub, giving agents the reach of global booking systems and the most up-to-date information on the travel industry.


Partner with Independent by Liberty Travel: Go Independent

Independent by Liberty Travel gives you the tools and the freedom to sell and earn as much as you want, from wherever in the world. Book your client’s honeymoon in the Caribbean from a beach in the French Riviera or plan your client’s next cruise from the comfort of your home office. Travel the world and be your own boss while selling the products and travel experiences that inspire you. Best of all, when you need support, Independent by Liberty Travel has staff on hand to answer questions.


You’ll be given the tools you need, all while learning and growing thanks to Liberty Travel’s incredible educational programs. The travel industry is constantly changing and evolving, and Independent by Liberty Travel is committed to helping you and your fellow advisors succeed.


Get the highest possible commissions while maximizing your earnings and receiving a targeted level of support by joining the right Independent by Liberty Travel membership tier for your individual needs.