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The TreadRight Foundation Makes Sustainable Travel More Accessible with Brand New Video

The TreadRight Foundation Makes Sustainable Travel More Accessible with Brand New Video

Sarain Fox speaks to reducing single-use plastic by using reusable cups


Cypress, Calif.– February 5, 2020 – As part of its ongoing commitment to making travel sustainable, The TreadRight Foundation has taken the next step to achieving this goal by showcasing sustainable travel tips in its new video featuring its “People” Ambassador and Storyteller, Sarain Fox. The Foundation recognized that beyond the desire to be a sustainable traveler, many find it challenging to adopt the practices needed to travel responsibly. To support them in the process and introduce the ways they can have an impact, the new fun and shareable video aims to provide practical tools to become a conscious traveler using a positive tone as to make sustainable travel more accessible. Based on TreadRight’s new 2020 Make Travel Matter Checklist, the video can be found on their YouTube channel.


“People generally assume sustainable travel will dampen their travel experience or make their vacation stressful, so my goal is to inspire people to come up with their own ways to make a positive impact,” says Sarain Fox, TreadRight’s “People” Ambassador and Storyteller. “My tip for travelers would be to research their options and choose conscious companies, while learning to get really honest about the impact they are making. Accountability matters.”


In 2019, on World Tourism Day, all team members of The Travel Corporation and its 42 award-winning family-owned and run brands including Insight Vacations, Luxury Gold, African Travel, Inc., Lion World Travel, Busabout and Red Carnation Hotels personally committed to TreadRight’s ethos as travelers, as travel providers and members of the global travel industry, by taking the #MakeTravelMatter Pledge. The next step was to then put The Pledge into practice.


TreadRight’s video, which is a guide for travelers and aligned with the #MakeTravelMatter Pledge, helps them consider the ways in which they prepare for travel, how they interact with local communities while traveling and share positive messages upon their return. It sheds light on how both big and small choices can have major impacts on the planet. Considerations for travelers addressed in the video include what to pack, single-use plastics, the ethical treatment of wildlife and how to support local economies and cultures.


Shannon Guihan, Chief TreadRight & Sustainability Officer explains: “The message is simple. Small behavioral changes, when employed en masse, is how we make an impact. Consumers and the business community can lead the way and can start by signing The Pledge. Then, put it into practice.”


For more information, please visit and join us as we #MakeTravelMatter by signing The Pledge.


About the TreadRight Foundation:


Created as a joint initiative between The Travel Corporation’s (TTC) family of brands, The TreadRight Foundation is a not-for-profit working to safeguard the planet, wildlife & people for generations to come. TreadRight’s mission is to #MakeTravelMatter through conservation, leadership and support for communities. To date, TreadRight has supported over 55+ sustainable tourism projects in 280+ communities worldwide. Foundation priorities are set by the Steering Committee. Past project partners include WWF, Conservation International, WildAid, The Travel Foundation and The National Trust in the UK. Current initiatives include the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Big Cat fund, and inspiring nature advocates like Céline Cousteau, Costas Christ and Terri Irwin. To learn more about our past and current work at TreadRight, please visit us at and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using our hashtag #MakeTravelMatter.