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The Best Ladies’ Trip in NYC That Will Wow Your Friends – A Private Pop Culture and Shopping Experience

The Best Ladies’ Trip in NYC That Will Wow Your Friends - A Private Pop Culture and Shopping Experience

New York Has More to Offer than the Typical Attractions and Beyond Times Square can Help you Experience it!


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As the classic female anthem by Kool and the Gang says … Oh yes, it’s ladies’ night and the feeling’s right! But in this case, it’s more like ladies’ day or weekend or long weekend – because a ladies’ trip to the Big Apple has so many possibilities you will definitely need more than a day or two to do it all. Or – you can just make it an annual event and break it up into manageable parts that way. Whichever you decide – the goal here today is to assist you on doing it the right way – meaning we are going to present to you just one of many fabulous ways you can enjoy the best darn ladies’ trip your posse has ever been on – one that is guaranteed to get you nominated as BFF of the year.


Here’s the scoop. It’s all based around Beyond Times Square’s Glitz and Glamour NYC Private VIP Pop Culture and Shopping Experience – a day in Manhattan that combines two of our most popular VIP tours that take place both in a luxury vehicle and on your own two feet. And it is all totally customizable! Intrigued? Well then – I invite you to pull up a barstool, whip up a cosmo or another cocktail of your choice and get ready to learn how Beyond Times Square can help you curate an epic ladies’ trip in NYC!



The Best Ladies’ Trip in NYC That Will Wow Your Friends - A Private Pop Culture and Shopping Experience


First – Why Do You Need A Ladies Trip?

As someone who takes several, or as my husband might say, numerous ladies’ trips each year (with a sizable number of them being to New York City), I could write a book on the benefits of time away with your besties. But in the interest of time and space, I will just throw out some of the more important reasons why they are never a bad idea. The very first thing that pops into my mind is something my girlfriends said waaay back – like twenty-plus years ago – when we innocently started taking ladies’ weekends, which eventually grew to a week. It’s so simple, yet so true. Time away with just the girls – no husbands or children – makes us better mommies. It’s not selfish – but it is self-serving – meaning it’s one of the best things you can do for your mental health. It’s a time to leave the day-to-day mom duties to dad or grandma or whoever takes care of the kiddos while you are away. It’s recharging your batteries. It’s sleeping until you want to get up. It’s going out for meals instead of being in charge of making them. It’s an itinerary of things you enjoy doing but don’t often get the chance to do so. It’s me time. And me time is a huge must in today’s rush, rush, hurry, hurry, there’s-so-much-to-take-care-of-everyday world.


Then there is the whole aspect of reconnecting. Sure, you may talk on the phone – or if you are like myself who absolutely despises phone calls – text or message on a regular basis. You may meet for lunch or dinner occasionally. Or you may just run into each other at school or community functions. And yes, they are all great ways of keeping in touch and staying abreast of what is going on in each other’s lives. But ladies’ trips take it so much further. It’s a time to really strengthen your connection and to talk about deeper topics because all you have is time together with no other distractions. Some of my favorite conversations have happened as my girls and I were getting dolled up for dinner in Little Italy, waiting in line to get into a Broadway show or simply hanging at a great little bar in the East Village. Don’t ever underestimate the value of those girl talks when there are no little ears around to hear or no work distractions to make your mind wander. It is often during these times – and oh yes, I speak from experience – that more helpful – and dare I say life-changing – information, insight and advice is exchanged.


Ok I know I need to move on from this part of the blog so let me list a few more benefits – briefly – promise! Ladies’ trips are certain to produce some of your fondest memories and stories that you will share for the rest of your life. They are also a terrific way to de-stress – whether it be a trip to the spa, a walk along the Hudson River or just sipping drinks and people watching in a Brooklyn bistro. They give you something to look forward to – and then something to look back on fondly. They are known to produce big smiles – I’m talking huge ear-to-ear grins and many hearty laughs – like snort laughs and laughter that makes you cry in joy. They are great for your self-esteem – nothing like the support of your female friends to pump you up. They are a super fun way to explore a new city – and the more personalities you have the more you will end up seeing as everyone will have their idea of activities to add to the agenda. And, they are, without a doubt, an absolute necessity for your well-being. End of story.


Hopefully, that was enough to convince you that every gal needs a ladies’ trip. Now – let’s look at how to make your ladies’ trip in NYC one for the books!



The Best Ladies’ Trip in NYC That Will Wow Your Friends - A Private Pop Culture and Shopping Experience


Participate In A Pop-Culture Tour

The first part of our Glitz and Glamour NYC Private VIP Pop Culture and Shopping Experience is the tour via private luxury vehicle. You cannot go to New York City and not take a tour. And you have come to the right place to find the perfect one for you and the lassies. Walking tours, tours via luxury vehicle – day tours, night tours, after-hours tours, tours based on history, tours based on music, tours based on Broadway – you name it – we have it here. But today we are going to focus on tours centered around pop culture – because – well because it’s fun and it pretty much got something for everyone!


Now, if you are ever walking around New York City and get a déjà vu feeling – it’s probably because one of the coolest things about the city is the fact that it is literally a real-life studio for thousands of scenes in movies and television shows. Central Park, the Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, Rockefeller Center – all these – and many, many more – are locations that you have seen tons of times on the big or little screen. And now you and the girls can visit them up close and in person thanks to the NYC TV and Movie Tour. On this tour, you will be escorted all over Manhattan – from the Upper East Side to Midtown to Greenwich Village and pretty much everywhere in between. One of your besties a Seinfeld fan? You’ll see the kitchen that was the inspiration for the infamous “No soup for you!” episode. Got a Christmas movie fanatic in your bunch? You’ll visit places like Macy’s Department Store and Central Park – featured in Miracle on 34thStreet, Home Alone 2, Elf and more! One of the girls ga-ga over Ghostbusters? Good because you’ll see the firehouse and the street the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man wreaked havoc on. And all this is just a small sampling because there are literally dozens of NYC landmarks, neighborhoods, buildings, restaurants, parks and more to be seen on this thrilling tour.


Perhaps one of the most well-known television shows that people – and dare I say most women – think of when they think of shows filmed here in the Big Apple is the mega-hit Sex and the City. And that show alone was filmed in far too many locations across Gotham to hit in one tour. But you and the ladies are in luck because the Sex and The City Hotspot Tour narrows it down to some of the most popular ones and your expert tour guide will personally escort you and your gang to about forty of them. Find your inner Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, or Miranda – come on you know you can relate at least one of your friends to each of these amazing women – and head to The Plaza Hotel for a look at where some Mr. Big scenes were filmed, then down to the infamous brownstone steps in the West Village and to the Meatpacking District for sites from the Sex and the City Movie including the last place a single Carrie kissed Big – the Asian restaurant Buddakan.


No matter which one of these tours your tribe chooses – you’ll all feel like celebrities as you pose and snap pictures of yourselves as the stars of your very own ladies’ trip in NYC production!


Beyond Times Square

The Best Ladies’ Trip in NYC That Will Wow Your Friends - A Private Pop Culture and Shopping Experience


Sip and Snack At Lunch In SoHo

After the pop culture portion, it’s time for lunch. Perhaps one of the best things about NYC is its gastronomy. You can literally get food from any ethnicity in the world all without leaving the country and no passport required! One of our favorite places to head for lunch here at Beyond Times Square is undoubtedly in Lower Manhattan in the area South of Houston Street – or SoHo. (Note: If you and the ladies want to sound like real New Yorkers – it is pronounced how-stun – not hue-stun like the Texas city.) And as always, when you book through Beyond Times Square, our experts and fellow foodies are more than happy to make restaurant recommendations for you – three of which you will find below.


First up there’s Charlie Bird for what they refer to as “a hip take on Italian” and a great alternative to Little Italy. It’s basically an American restaurant with plenty of Italian influences – including the spectacular service. Lunch, brunch or dinner – they do it all in an upscale but comfortable neighborhood restaurant type of way. Some favorites here include their oysters – that some say they do better than anyone else and their amazing olive oil gelato for dessert – or as an appetizer if you’re a rebel. Oh, and their wine list – to die for! Here you can find all varietals of your favorite wines and some vintage bottles as well.


Your ladies prefer French to Italian? Then Raoul’s is a must. Described as “one of Soho’s coveted institutions” it was started back in 1975 by two brothers from Alsace – a city in Northern France and is now run by the son of one of the original founders. In addition to the fabulous French fare – think foie gras and escargot, you just may also get a celebrity sighting or two when dining at Raoul’s thanks to being a favored yet discreet spot for actors, models, writers and more. Fun Fact: Their brisket-heavy hamburgers (yes hamburgers!) are on many “Top Burgers in NYC” lists and at one point were only available at the bar AND there were only a dozen made each night! Apparently, that changed thanks to the you-know-what last year when eateries were forced to close, and they actually started selling kits online to make them at home. (Leading some to say that something good did come from COVID after all.)


The crew you are traveling with prefers their cuisine Asian? No worries – just head to The Tyger for Southeast Asian-inspired dishes. Bordering Chinatown, this SoHo restaurant actually opened its doors – or should I say sidewalks, as only outdoor dining was allowed at that time – during the pandemic. And thanks to some amazing small plates, rice and noodle creations and a shareable meal aptly titled “The Feast” for groups of six or more, managed to not only make it work but is now a much sought after reservation thanks to a more modern take on Asian food that is generally not found in the city.



The Best Ladies’ Trip in NYC That Will Wow Your Friends - A Private Pop Culture and Shopping Experience


Shop Till You Drop

After lunch, it’s time to meet up with your professional shopping tour guide. Now by no means am I stereotyping, but nine times out of ten when I say tell me something associated with New York City – my female friends say – world-class shopping! (And I ask that question a lot because it’s my job to write about it and it just so happens to be my favorite city on the planet.) And oh, my goodness – the options one finds here – definitely need a long weekend or multiple trips into Manhattan and the five other boroughs that make up NYC to hit all your favorites. But while it’s true that there is shopping galore all throughout, today we are focusing on the stores and boutiques in SoHo because not only is it a great place to satisfy your stomach but it’s also a super fun place to get your shopping fix thanks to the fact that it has become one of the cities prime shopping spots.


So exactly which famous brands can you find South of Houston? Let me just say that there is most definitely a designer for every taste in your gal group. Let’s start with the upscale big guys – like Bloomingdale’s. Most people are familiar with the Bloomingdales flagship store in midtown – but did you know there is also a store in SoHo? There is and it has many of the same services as its counterpart but typically less tourists. Prada also has a location in SoHo in addition to its midtown store and rest assured all those fabulous Prada purses can be found here too. The flagship store for Alexander Wang is found in Soho complete with that oh so edgy clothing – men’s and women’s – for which he is known. (Fun Fact: He is no relation to another of our favorite designers – Vera Wang.) French label Celine has an outpost boutique here as well and if you aren’t familiar, the designs are very trendy and considered luxury yet simplistic.


There is certainly no shortage of luxury boutiques in this neighborhood. In addition to having sections in Bergdorf Goodman and Bloomingdale’s, Chloe, another famous French fashion house, has a boutique in SoHo that features its beloved “bohemian yet feminine” line of women’s clothing and much sought after handbags. And then there is Miu Miu – as in Miuccia Prada – an Italian fashion designer and head of Prada. Miu Miu is a subsidiary of Prada helmed by Miuccia and its designs are described as playful and youthful – as opposed to sophisticated like its sister brand – and perhaps, most important, more affordable.


So, as you can see, the shopping options in the SoHo neighborhood alone are out of this world but can be overwhelming too. And that is where Beyond Times Square comes in to save the day once again. Here’s the scoop. We will provide you with a questionnaire before your trip, you fill it out and return it to us and we will curate the perfect afternoon of shopping for you and the ladies, totally customized, all based on your answers and complete with an expert private shopping guide.


Ahhh yes – there is nothing like embarking on a glamorous ladies’ trip to New York City, where iconic TV and movie locations, fancy restaurants and upscale stores abound. And there is no one better to partner with than Beyond Times Square to ensure that you and your besties have the time of your life. And the Glitz and Glamour NYC Private VIP Pop Culture and Shopping Experience is just one option! From tours to dining to shopping and so much more – we can help you plan it all and get you plenty of praise and high-fives when the ladies see what an amazing itinerary you put together for them – with just a little help from your friends here at Beyond Times Square. Ready to start planning? Our team of NYC experts is just ten digits away and full of these and plenty of other fun activities. So give a call to Beyond Times Square and plan your own perfect ladies’ trip in NYC!


Beyond Times Square
Beyond Times Square