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The 3 Happiest Places on Earth to Celebrate International Day of Happiness

The 3 Happiest Places on Earth to Celebrate International Day of Happiness

Luxury Gold aims to put a smile on every traveler’s face



RYE, N.Y. – March 20, 2018 – Many products claim to make life better, but it’s an eternal truth that travel will actually make you happier. Facts bear this out: a recent study done by researchers at Cornell University found that putting money towards experiences (like a once-in-a-lifetime trip) is more likely to bring lasting happiness than spending it on material objects.


With March 20, the International Day of Happiness, now upon us, Luxury Gold wants travelers not only to be happy, but wants to send them to some of the happiest places on earth. The just-released 2018 World Happiness Report lists Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Switzerland as the top five happiest places in the world.


Add to that list the magical country of Bhutan, Luxury Gold’s personal favorite happy place. In fact, Bhutan is so peacefully content that it actually originated the International Day of Happiness back in 2011. A former Prime Minister of Bhutan first proposed the day to the United Nations, to focus worldwide attention on people’s happiness and well-being.


Here are some spectacular Luxury Gold itineraries that visit the happiest places on earth, while letting guests feel like they’ve traveled back into the golden era of travel.


Magnificent Nepal and Bhutan: There is nowhere else in the world quite like the stunning Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. Bhutan regularly reports a Gross National Happiness Index in the nineties, earning its citizens the distinction as some of the most joyous in the world. Luxury Gold’s 10-day journey to Bhutan visits the capital, Punakha Dzong, and the Buddhist sacred monastery of Chimi Lhakhang, a 15th century temple that emanates peace and features spectacular views. After an evening of Bhutanese cooking demonstrations, a private traditional mask dance and cultural show will delight guests and truly show off the joys of Bhutan.


Timeless Scandinavia: The countries of Scandinavia routinely top most lists of happiest places in the world. While on this 13-day journey, guests will enjoy days filled with delightful excursions such as visiting the Amalienborg Palaces in Copenhagen, Denmark, home to the Danish royal family, including Crown Prince Frederick and Crown Princess Mary. The journey continues with a leisurely cruise through the historic waterways of Gothenburg, Sweden, and a moving recital in a museum music hall devoted to composer and pianist Edvard Grieg in Bergen, Norway. A truly exquisite experience is a guided kayaking expedition past awe-inspiring waterfalls and towering mountains in Geiranger, Norway. Being in the presence of these magnificent natural wonders will put a smile on any face.


Majestic Switzerland: Regularly ranked among the top three happiest countries in the world, Switzerland often seems like a fantasy, with its delectable chocolates and picture-perfect vistas. On this 11-day journey, guests will stop at St. Moritz for a guided nature trip through the scenic mountains, before hopping aboard the world-famous Glacier Express for unparalleled panoramic views of snow-covered peaks. The bliss of the locals is sure to rub off during an orientation walk in Geneva, culminating with a dinner at the Michelin-starred restaurant La Ferme de l’Hospital, a 17th century farmhouse serving innovative cuisine complemented by delicious local wines.


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