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Steps on How to Become a More Conscious Traveler

Steps on How to Become a More Conscious Traveler

March 31, 2020 – As sustainability increasingly becomes a focus globally, many of us are left wondering how we can make more conscious choices in our daily lives, including in our travel choices. To help travelers on the journey to becoming more responsible, TreadRight Foundation has developed a series of resources to guide you through the stages of travel planning and decision-making:

  • Research
  • Preparation
  • In destination
  • Upon return


The Make Travel Matter Pledge, is the first opportunity for travelers to commit to sustainable travel and includes the fundamental do’s and don’ts. To expand on the 4 steps and in concert with the pledge, TreadRight has launched a video and a checklist, resources designed to keep responsible actions top-of-mind and make them more tangible.


In the Make Travel Matter Pledge Video, TreadRight teams up with its Ambassador and Storyteller Sarain Fox to let travelers know that the power to make travel  more responsible is in their hands. Choices both big and small can have major impacts on the planet.


“People generally assume sustainable travel will dampen their travel experience or make their vacation stressful, so my goal is to inspire people to come up with their own ways to make a positive impact,” says Sarain. “My tip for travelers would be to research their options and choose conscious companies, while learning to get really honest about the impact they are making. Accountability matters.”


The Make Travel Matter Checklist takes it one step further by documenting the actionable items in the video guide in a downloadable digital form to assist travelers along these 4 steps.


Sign the Pledgewatch the video, and download the checklist to join us as we #MakeTravelMatter.