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Solmar Hotels & Resorts Reaffirms Commitment to Los Cabos’ Natural Resources

Solmar Hotels & Resorts

With the addition of the plastic ban to its roster of eco-friendly initiatives, the Mexican hotelier is setting the sustainability standard across the destination


LOS CABOS, Mexico (March 11, 2019)Solmar Hotels & Resorts, a collection of seven all-suite properties in Los Cabos, Mexico, is leading the destination’s eco-friendly vision by implementing local sustainable regulations and developing eco-friendly projects as pioneers of this movement. Proven most recently with the launch of a plastic ban initiative throughout its seven all-suite properties, the hotelier reaffirms its commitment to replace plastic items used at restaurants and pool areas with biodegradable compostable foodservice items, ensuring the least possible impact to the environment of Los Cabos.


“The transition to biodegradable items goes hand in hand with our pledge to preserve the diversity of Los Cabos and its natural wonders as it has been our home for more than 45 years,” said Ricardo Orozco, Solmar Hotels & Resorts vice-president of operations. “With this new implementation, we hope to create a more conscious traveler and leave a sustainable impact for future generations that visit Solmar Hotels & Resorts.”


The eco-friendly initiative consists of removing all plastics and Styrofoam products from operations and consumer centers and replacing them with disposable, biodegradable items made from avocado seeds, cornstarch, palm leaves, and recycled paper. Solmar Hotels & Resorts has trusted World Centric Products for their new eco-friendly food packaging as they are non-polluting, non-toxic, environmentally responsible, made from renewable resources and decompose in between 90 and 240 days. With these sustainable changes in place, Solmar Hotels & Resorts aims to reduce the consumption of chemicals found in single-use plastics and Styrofoam, as well as reduce the amount of water used to wash foodservice utensils at the properties.


The integration of the biodegradable items will be executed in the following three phases:


–          Phase 1: Replacement of all plastic cups used around swimming pools, entertainment areas, and themed events.


–          Phase 2: Substitution of current plastic and Styrofoam containers for meal boxes made from recycled paper.


–          Phase 3: Switch all plastic trash bags and cleaning materials at the resorts with an eco-friendly alternative.


Sustainable practices are no stranger to the resort collection as Solmar Hotels & Resorts has consistently put the preservation of Los Cabos’ varied environment first, even prior to breaking ground. Particularly at Grand Solmar at Rancho San Lucas Resort Golf & Spa, the collection’s latest property, 106 acres of the total 834 acres that make up Rancho San Lucas will be preserved as natural areas, with an additional 186 acres dedicated to the golf course. Together totaling 292 acres, this area represents 35% of the entire site. Setting aside this significant amount of land from development helps maintain low density in the entire complex. The natural beauty of the site and its open space are additionally preserved by burying utilities underground and out of sight.


Additionally, the design of the resort emphasizes preserving as much of the natural environment as possible, along with the use of native plants, especially cacti. For instance, the golf course is landscaped using all endemic species that are naturally adapted to the dry climate of the region, minimizing water usage in its maintenance. Finally, roads throughout the complex were engineered and contoured to preserve centuries old trees and cacti.


The sustainability efforts within the landscaping of Grand Solmar at Rancho San Lucas are also a boon to the native fauna, helping to nurture wildlife. Beauty and functionality are combined in the landscaping through the creation of watering holes to attract local species; from birds and hares to deer and bobcats, while simultaneously creating pleasant oases for the residents of Rancho San Lucas. The golf course also introduced a man-made lake at hole 17 that has become a sanctuary attracting ducks, cranes, egrets and other birds.


Furthermore, the properties dutifully abide with local regulations in place, from over-development to eliminating extra waste. For example, the properties have eliminated straws throughout all restaurants and bars and provide unobstructed, sweeping views of Los Cabos and the Pacific without interrupting regulated height limits, as the buildings remain at a maximum of six stories.


Solmar Hotels & Resorts is welcoming this transition to its replete roster of eco-friendly initiatives, which include the installation of solar panels, reduction of energy waste by implementing Multistack technology and replacing of LED lights in pools and common areas, and more, proving a devout commitment to making an impact in both travel and the environment of Los Cabos. For more information and reservations, visit www.


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