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Simply Sales with Scott – The Biblical Close

Written By: Scott Koepf, Senior Vice President of Sales, Avoya Travel



The sales process is designed to, you guessed it, create sales! As I have noted numerous times, if done properly it should not just result in a deposit being received but a lifetime client. While every step is important, unless the close occurs all of the other steps are for naught. Last month I suggested that you should always ask for the sale, but that question should not always be framed in the same way.  


You should always be ready with the classic close question of ‘Which Credit Card would you like to use for the deposit?’. If the buying signals are clear and the client is ready, there is no need for any special presentation, so just ask for the sale! However, if the signals are not clear or you are aware of a specific resistance, then one of the following techniques may be the way to go. The goal for each of these approaches should not be to manipulate the customer, but to help them make the right decision. As always, spend some time scripting these questions so they are natural for you and comfortable for the customer. 


Summary Close – “Let’s review everything we have created for your dream vacation and then we can get this confirmed for you ……” 


Trial Close – “How does this sound so far?” 


Alternative Close – “Would you like the pre- cruise hotel in Venice or the post cruise hotel in Rome or both?” OR “I can get a balcony Cabin or a much roomier Mini Suite, which one would you like?” 


Assumption Close – “As soon as I get your credit card we can guarantee that specific cabin.” 


Final Concern Close – “So when we get the drink package and the cabana reserved, I will need your credit card to lock everything in.” 


Urgency/Fear/Scarcity Close – “This promotion expires tomorrow so we will need to make the deposit today to get this price.” OR “This is the last Balcony Cabin Mid Ship so can I get your credit card for the deposit to make sure we have that cabin held for you?” 


Once again, the more time you have spent with the customer and the better the questions you have asked during the qualifying process will make any of these closing techniques easier to integrate into the conversation. There are many other tactics in addition to the above, and the more you study and read about sales the more nuances you will see. Find the ones that work for you and personalize them. But most importantly, always ask for the sale.  


In closing, please consider the most effective closing technique there is – The Biblical Close: 


sk and Ye Shall Receive!