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Romancing the Sale

Simply Sales with Scott

Written By: Scott Koepf, Senior Vice President of Sales, Avoya Travel



Every sales manual, training program or book will agree that there are steps to the sale. Where they all differ is in the quantity of steps and what they are called. There is no real right or wrong number of steps or titles for each one. What is important is to understand that there is a process and that while all sales resources slightly differ they are all basically the same. As we continue this series of articles we will dig into each step but it is knowledge of the process itself that may be the primary factor in helping you sell more. In fact a study done at Cornel University asked top sales people across all industries what the most important thing they credited their success to. It wasn’t listening or closing techniques or any other part of the sales process. It was knowledge of the fact that there are steps to follow in making the sale.


I have used the following list for years which you are free to shorten, lengthen or rename but whatever list you use, memorize it!

  • Preparation / Planning
  • Opening / Build Rapport
  • Qualifying / Build the Relationship
  • Research & Presentation / Recommending
  • Overcoming Objections / Assuring
  • The Close / Confirming
  • Follow Up / Communicating


For some of you this may seem too technical so let me make it easier. Making a sale is really a matter of building trust and getting the customer to love you and what you are offering. So lets look at this list a little differently. The sales process is really the same as getting someone to fall in love with you so lets rename the list so it follows the same process as falling in love. Romance is also a process and the steps are exactly the same!

  • Get Gussied Up
  • Strut Your Stuff
  • Courting
  • The Proposal
  • The Cold Feet
  • The Commitment
  • Forever Love


We will go into each of these steps in the coming months but here is a quick summary of the steps to romance the sale.

  • Get Gussied Up – If you are looking for love you spend time looking your best. In sales it is no different – know your product, be enthusiastic and know the steps before you check yourself out in the mirror and step out.
  • Strut Your Stuff – You are looking good and you know it! Step out with confidence when you talk with your client.
  • Courting – Ask questions and get to know your ‘date’. Find out how you can best win them over.
  • The Proposal – You’ve won them over, so get up the nerve to ask the question. Provide them with your recommendations and make a proposal.
  • Cold Feet – They may be nervous, but if they’ve got cold feet, knit them some warm socks! If they have concerns, overcome their objections by being prepared – it is a natural occurrence!
  • The Commitment – You have them now. They love you and they are ready to make the commitment. Now is the time to ask for the sale.
  • Forever Love – Maintain the relationship. Let them hear from you frequently how much you love them. Stay connected so that you can have a lasting relationship.


The process of winning someone over is the same in life as in sales so if this list is easier to remember then memorize it and if you get mixed up between your personal life and making a sale, no problem. The worst that happens is you get a credit card instead of a date!


In my next column I will be your makeup artist, fashion designer and charm school instructor so that you get gussied up and ready to strut your stuff!