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Referral Your Way to Success

Written By: Andy Ogg – Editor for Travel Professional NEWS



Someone long ago said that your best salesman is a happy customer. I couldn’t agree more. In today’s ever changing climate of technology and new marketplaces, many of us may have forgotten the power of a trusted friend, happy customer or family member referring an experience, person or business.


Who do you trust more, 99 Yelp reviews or your close friend? I would lean to say that most of us would trust our close friend and rightfully so, they know you and understand you. You have history and experiences with them. Interpersonal communication is one of the strongest forms of interaction and influence, so let’s discuss how we may be able to use it to grow your business to the next level of success.


Simple and Sweet

Many of us have participated in a referral program at some point which most likely benefited us, as well as our referred party, so why not apply this ideology to your clients.


  • Refer a friend and receive a FREE night stay on your next trip!
  • Bring your friends and family with you and receive a dinner on us!
  • Refer your family and friends to XYZ Travel and receive a FREE gift with your next booking!
  • Refer your contacts for a special 5% off your next vacation!
  • Refer your family and friends to XYZ Travel and receive a FREE round of golf on your next Vacation!


These examples ring true as no matter how much money your clients have, everyone likes to receive a discount or free goodies. Of course, these promotions have to be viable to your business to ensure profitability, a free hotel on a $1,000 booking may not be the easiest pill to shallow, however, maybe your clients referral is looking to book a family reunion in Belize for 30 guests.


The more definitive the rewards are, the more motivated your clients will be to spread the word of you and your awesome service. Get creative and personable. Become Facebook friends with your clients and learn about their personal life. Maybe they are aspiring for a Hawaiian Getaway, send them a Lei and a note letting them know you have some great deals right now. Maybe they just got their families passports completed, send them some passport holders for their recent referral.


The reward is all about you and your relationship with your clients. Make sure it’s something that will apply to them and not end up collecting dust.


Spread the Word

I suspect many of you take a certain pride in the delivery of your clients documents for their next trip, tap into that already awesome experience and include a note or card providing the incentives you provide for referrals. I doubt anyone would be upset on seeing a way to save on their next trip, obtain benefits or a free gift just for passing on the word of your great service. Information is key and without being intrusive, the more you remind your clients of your referral programs, the more likely they are to act on it.


An Army of Salesman

Do you take the extra step with every client, whether if it is a $100 sale of a $50,000 one? If not, you should. Millennials, as a generation, cherish customer service and when it is amazing, you have not just earned a sale, but a customer for life. They will become a sales person for your business and do so with pride and conviction. Make sure to try and treat every client, young or old, rich or poor, like they are your next largest client. It will come around to you.


The faith they instill in you and your service is trust and that trust will grow in time. With so many different distractions in today’s world, having a clear and concise business will not only make sure you draw in quality customers but that you also avoid the “price shoppers.”


Refer your way to success and build yourself an army or sales people that will not only send clients your way but quite possibly sell them on a trip they have done or one they are planning to do. With a small investment in your clients, the returns are endless.


What will be your first referral?