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PriceTravel Holding’s Connect brand makes debut at FITUR 2024 to showcase European value proposition to B2B travel buyers

PriceTravel Holding's Connect brand makes debut at FITUR 2024 to showcase European value proposition to B2B travel buyers

Cancun, Mexico, January 18, 2024PriceTravel Holding, one of the biggest travel companies in Latin America, is set to make a significant impact at FITUR 2024, held in Madrid from January 24 to 28, to mark its entry into Europe.


At the show the company will highlight to Spanish travel buyers its robust hotel product distribution strategy across LATAM, the Caribbean, and key in the United States, and European destinations.


Under the banner of its B2B Wholesale brand, known as Connect, the business unit specialises in B2B hotel distribution through API/XML integrations, offering innovative solutions tailored to wholesale travel agencies,  OTAs and other B2Bbuyers of accommodation.


Connect can now confirm that its extensive portfolio now boasts over 30,000 hotels under direct contract, standing out for its diversified offerings. The portfolio of hotels spans across 120 destinations, primarily in Latin America, the Caribbean, the United States, and Europe, ensuring a comprehensive and varied selection to meet client demands.


Juan Socas, Business Partnership Director at PriceTravel Holding, says:


“This week PriceTravel Holding, through its Connect brand, officially ventures into Europe via our attendance at FITUR in Madrid. We’re excited to showcase our diverse portfolio, advanced technology, and unwavering client support to all the B2B buyers of accommodation attending the event and proud to confirm that our portfolio of directly contracted hotels has now reached 30,000 properties around the world.”


At the core of Connect’s prowess lies its state-of-the-art API platform. Delivering exceptional response times, with 99% of requests processed in under 1 second, the platform’s advanced technology sets it apart. Easy integration via gateways or direct connectivity positions Connect as an efficient and agile choice for its business partners.


Connect not only delivers high-quality products but also backs its offerings with specialized B2B distribution customer service. Operating 24/7 and providing trilingual support (English, Spanish, and Portuguese), the brand ensures consistent and effective assistance. Each client is paired with a dedicated Account Manager within the region, delivering personalized and results-driven support.


  • PriceTravel Holding – one of Latin America’s biggest travel players – is poised to make waves at FITUR 2024 in Madrid, showcasing its robust hotel distribution across LATAM, the Caribbean, the US, and Europe.
  • Operating under the Connect brand, PriceTravel Holding strengthens its global presence, specializing in B2B hotel distribution to wholesale travel agencies and other professional buyers.
  • Connect confirms its extensive portfolio now has 30,000+ directly contracted hotels across 120 destinations in Latin America, the Caribbean, the US, and Europe.
  • Connect’s strength lies in its advanced API platform, ensuring exceptional speed for efficiency. It offers 24/7 trilingual B2B distribution customer service with dedicated Account Managers for personalized, results-driven support.


About PriceTravel Holding


PriceTravel Holding is a tourist group founded in 2000. They are leaders in Mexico, Colombia, and Latin America. PriceTravel Holding’s distribution strategy considers source markets, business lines, and distribution channels to generate value for different business partners, commercial partners, and direct and end customers. PriceTravel Holding is an innovative company leveraged by content, technology, and distribution channels, as well as high standards of after-sales service. The company has strong and exclusive business alliances and more than 250,000 travel options worldwide. Its travel products can be purchased through its B2C business units: and Through its B2B model, which caters exclusively to retail travel agents: and and for wholesale agencies through its Connect brand, while for its B2B2C model, which provides the best technology and booking engine through its B2BTravelProgram brand, In addition to its business model, the BTC (Business Travel Consulting) brand focuses on meeting tourism and corporate travel needs.


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