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PriceAgencies signs a strategic collaboration with FyndTravel to support the Travel Advisory community

PriceAgencies signs a strategic collaboration with FyndTravel to support the Travel Advisory community
  • As an elite member of FyndTravel, PriceAgencies is committed to supporting the U.S. travel advisor community.
  • This collaboration enables advisors to seamlessly access PriceAgencies’ booking engine and a diverse portfolio of over 500,000 global hotel options.
  • Streamlined access for advisors, cost-effective exposure, fast payments, and loyalty rewards within the FyndTravel ecosystem benefit travel advisors.


19 February 2024PriceAgencies, a leading wholesale catering to retail agencies in Mexico, Colombia, and the USA – part of PriceTravel Holding, the most important distribution company in LATAM – is pleased to announce a strategic collaboration with FyndTravel, the ultimate platform for travel advisors, providing them with a wealth of resources and opportunities to enhance their businesses and professional development.


PriceAgencies showcases its commitment to supporting the Travel Advisor community in the U.S. market by attaining elite membership status with FyndTravel. This membership grants advisors exclusive access to their platform.


FyndTravel members will now have access to a portfolio boasting over 500,000 hotel options worldwide along with 24/7 assistance throughout the year, all powered by PriceAgencies.


This agreement also creates cost-effective exposure for travel advisors seeking reliable B2B solutions, as PriceAgencies ensures commissions with fast weekly payments and operates a loyalty system that rewards points for each booking, adding an extra layer of benefits for travel advisors.


Juan Socas, Business Partnership Director at PriceTravel Holding, expresses enthusiasm for this collaboration, stating,

“We are thrilled to partner with FyndTravel as an Elite Member. This collaboration reinforces our dedication to empowering travel advisors and providing them with valuable resources to enhance their businesses. We look forward to a fruitful partnership with FyndTravel, providing unparalleled support to travel advisors across our regions. At PriceAgencies, we are fully committed to the North American market and have great faith in the potential of the tourism sector. We strongly believe in the value proposition we can offer to the market.”


Moreover, the collaboration provides an efficient channel for PriceAgencies to upload training opportunities. Travel advisors can stay informed about the latest updates on Price Agencies’ loyalty program and participate in the exciting challenges launched frequently, opening avenues for increased sales and mutual growth.


FyndTravel’s platform offers a wealth of educational materials, including recorded webinars, enabling travel advisors to stay updated on industry trends and enhance their skills. The seamless integration of PriceAgencies’ Business Development Managers (BDMs) profiles on FyndTravel allows advisors to connect easily, fostering improved engagement and support.


Since its entry into the U.S. market in 2023, PriceAgencies has exceeded expectations in terms of affiliations with travel agencies, thanks to its platform designed specifically for travel advisors. The platform, along with various tools and features, empowers travel advisors to enhance their sales and overall business.