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Passport Online Reports Record Consumer Online Activity

Travel Agency Websites Seeing Soaring Click Through Rates, Product Views and Emerging Trends


As travel continues to rebound and demand is skyrocketing, Passport Online has been steadfastly supporting the travel agency and supplier communities with its’ suite of technology solutions. Passport has seen a significant uptick in impressions and click throughs on agency sites, proving that the offers are compelling and the technology is working.


The award-winning AgentPort that powers thousands of websites provides travel agencies with the itineraries and exclusive offers they need, from more than 100 of the leading cruise lines, tour operators and more. When those offers match the consumer desires, click through rates soar, which is exactly what is happening now.


“Our Q1 2023 numbers represent a robust demand for travel, with click through rates easily topping one million every month,” said Jeanne Colombo, President of Passport Online. “We’ve seen click through rates reach 22%, which is up 8% over previous years. Correspondingly, impressions and unique shopping sessions are through the roof!”


At the same time, their SupplierPort product gives those 100 plus suppliers the tools they need to promote their products and allows them to see which itineraries are in the most demand at any time. With new features such as upselling opportunities, supplier highlights and more, suppliers have the enhanced ability to monitor how their content is performing and promote what they know is going to sell.


Through Passport’s sophisticated tracking, destination trends have emerged. Cruising in Alaska, Mexico and Caribbean remain top searches as in previous years. But, this year there has been a significant interest in river cruising. The top viewed and most liked Facebook post in Q1 featured Prague in the Czech Republic. To support that demand, the Passport system offers 464 river cruise options that include Prague in their itineraries. For land searches, Dublin, Ireland is emerging as the clear leader and Passport has 489 itineraries, through tours and cruises, to support that trend.


“We are so happy that travel is back and stronger than ever, and our best-in-class technology is allowing both travel agencies and suppliers to match the increased demand,” said Jeanne. “Our platforms provide access to 200,000 unique departures, more than 27,000 unique itineraries, and even exclusive offers from Consortia allowing agencies to effectively promote and market to their clients.”


Travel agencies using the Passport Online platform are thrilled with the results they are seeing.
“Thank you for all you do for us,” said Sharon Emmerson of Cruise and Tour Planners. “I just had a call from a client from 10 years ago. He looked at my website and booked a 20-day Mediterranean cruise for he and his wife from the information he saw. Over $18,000 booking.”



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