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Passport Online Adds New Tools and Resources for Travel Advisors

Passport Online, the leading provider of leisure travel content to retail agency consumer and agent websites, has been hard at work on upgrades to many of their programs.  Consortia, host agencies, agencies and travel advisors use Passport’s content and related marketing tools to market travel opportunities to their clients, as well as provide easy research and email tools to their advisors.


Passport’s team of engineers and content specialists have been working on these state-of-the-art programs for months and now they will be released to their 6,000 website users and over 30,000 agents using their agent only tools for research and email marketing.


We have increased number of themes so agents can easily change the look and feel of their websites.  We added a lot more destination information and images so agents can highlight specific destinations and also embed related travel products.  Agents can now add slide shows and enhanced social media integration, additional options for image styling, and more blog options.  Enhanced displays of cruise ship deck plan images and offer imagery are some of the new powerful tools available to consortia, hosts, agencies and individual advisors who use Passport’s Nexcite website platform.


Passport has also added more travel suppliers, including Alexander and Roberts, Shore Excursions, Active Adventures and American Queen Voyages, with a number of others expected to sign-on soon.  Agents can use their admin tools to make sure these suppliers are featured on their websites and available to promote thru simple email and social media marketing tools.


Finally, Passport has integrated Booking Vault so agents can easily add a complete air, hotel and car rental booking engine to their website and get paid commissions.


For more information on Passport Online’s products please visit their website, or contact them at [email protected]