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P3 Rolls Out Customized Booking Engine for Omni Hotels & Resorts

While Experiencing Rapid N. America Market Growth


May 17, 2023 — Dublin & Denver — Hotel technology company P3 is projecting significant growth in North America, following the deployment of a new customized booking engine for Omni Hotels & Resorts.


The new booking engine elevates the guest’s online experience with an improved UX/UI design and ecommerce payment integrations, and enhanced online loyalty functionality for Select Guest. Loyalty members can now personalize their stay preferences, access to dashboards to view their progression towards free nights, and more easily book reward stays.


This is the first time that Omni Hotels & Resorts has partnered with a third-party supplier to develop its online booking engine— and the project has helped P3 to establish an increased presence in the United States. P3 recently relocated their CEO, Phelim Pekaar from Dublin to a new office in Boulder, CO, in order to continue the expansion of a US-based team, who will be responsible for overseeing the delivery and ongoing support of the new booking engine for Omni.


“P3 is very excited to be working with Omni Hotels & Resorts and hopes to use it as springboard for further growth in North America,” said Pekaar. “Omni has been an anchor client for P3 in the US and this project has allowed us to demonstrate our expertise in building customized booking journeys that integrate seamlessly with Oracle’s Opera property management systems.”


Omni has now become part of a community of other global hotel groups using Opera alongside P3, which gives them access to a continual development process shared across a larger like-minded client base.


“The target for P3 is now significant growth in the North American market,” continued Pekaar. “We’re looking forward to working with other hotel groups that see Opera as a platform where they can build their technological infrastructure to gain a competitive advantage. Omni wanted to further elevate their customers’ user experience, and P3 helps achieve that goal, as well as provide better functionality for their guests, a better platform for their brand, and a better ecommerce journey tailored to their specific offering.”


The new Omni Hotels & Resorts booking engine went live across their portfolio of properties on April 26th.

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