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OTN Eliminates Fees & Commission Splits for Top Producing Advisors


Oasis Travel Network (OTN) Revolutionizes Host Agency Industry by Offering 100% Commissions and Eliminating Fees for Top Advisors in 2024


BOCA RATON (November 3, 2023) – In a game changing move for the host travel agency industry, Oasis Travel  Network (OTN), an award-winning boutique host agency, announced that it will eliminate fees on all its commission  split plans for its top producing advisors beginning January 1, 2024. Top producing advisors can earn 100%  commissions on their sales and qualify for even more rewards through its Chairman’s Club rewards program. 


In conjunction with OTN’s Chairman’s Club program, advisors earn Chairman’s Club points on preferred supplier  sales along with bonus points for various OTN initiatives such as webinars and OTN event attendance. The points  that are earned rank each member based upon these preferred supplier sales for top producer recognition trips.  Chairman’s Club points are redeemable to offset plan fees and other items including the cost to participate in OTN  events. Top producing OTN advisors selling preferred suppliers will have no fees and will even have money left over  to use on OTN’s Member Appreciation trips, OTN University or its annual OTN conference, which will be held on  Norwegian Joy in October 2024. 


On top of no fees and earning 100% commissions, OTN top producing advisors are invited, with their guest,  complimentary, to OTN’s Chairman’s Club top producer trips. In 2024, the Chairman’s Club top producer trip is  onboard Explora I with Explora Journeys and the 2025 Chairman’s Club trip will be onboard Regent Seven Seas  Splendor. 


“Because OTN’s model is laser focused on delivering preferred supplier sales, 95% to date, and due to the success  of our Chairman’s Club program in doing so, we can reward our top producing members with no fees and 100%  commissions,“ Lee Smolinski, its CEO said. 


OTN does not have any sign-up fees or annual renewal fees to maintain membership. And now beginning January 1,  2024, top producers of preferred supplier sales, can be completely fee free. 


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Oasis Travel Network (OTN), formed in 2009, hosts more than 800 independent advisors located in all 50 states. Oasis  Travel Network was named host agency of the year by ASTA (American Society of Travel Advisors) for two consecutive  years and has received three Travel Weekly Magellan Awards, as well as awards and accolades from numerous cruise  lines and land suppliers. OTN is a proud member of Signature Travel Network. OASIS Travel Network offers its  advisors a variety of options based upon their own business goals, including no fee commission plans of up to 100%,  and a suite of technology and marketing solutions either free or at substantial discounts. For more information on  OASIS Travel Network, visit