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October 2019 Issue of Travel Professional NEWS for Travel Agents

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In This Issue:


Interview: How the Scenic Eclipse May Change Cruising

An Interview By: Andy Ogg, CTIE, Senior Editor – Travel Professional NEWS
Interviewing: Ann Chamberlin, VP of Sales, USA – Scenic Eclipse


Earn, Learn, Connect and Grow with Nexion® Travel Group

Written By: Cris De Souza, Vice President, Sales & Marketing – Nexion Travel Group


Interview: Active and Adventure Travel Continues to Rise in Popularity

Learn How to Increase your Sales with Exodus Travels
An Interview By: Andy Ogg, CTIE, Senior Editor – Travel Professional NEWS
Interviewing: Sasha Andrews, Industry Sales Director – North America – Exodus Travels


CruiseWorld Offers Education for All, From Beginner to Veteran Travel Advisors

Written By: Mary Pat Sullivan, Content Director – Travel Weekly Events


How Airline Consolidators Help Homebased Agents

Written By: Stephanie Knight, Copywriter – Sky Bird Travel


Simply Sales with Scott – Integrate to Astonish!

Written By: Scott Koepf, Vice President of Strategic Development – Cruise Planners


Ultimate All Inclusive – Iberostar Resorts Continued

Written By: Geoff Millar, Owner – Ultimate All Inclusive Travel


Fraud, Disputes, and Solutions for Travel Professionals in 2019

Written By: Chad Burt, Co-Owner – OutsideAgents.com


Email Marketing 101 – The Basics of Email Marketing as a Travel Professional in 2019

Written By: Andy Ogg, CTIE, Editor and Marketing Director – Travel Professional NEWS


Non-Refundable Cruise Deposits are Here to Stay

Written By: Craig Satterfield, CLIA ECCS 


Checklist for Success: QC your TRIP of a Lifetime

Contributed By: The Travel Institute


Event: 2019 PATH Symposium

PATH Celebrates 10 Years of Support for Host Agencies
Written By: Joanie Ogg, CTC, MCC, Co-Founder – Travel Professional NEWS


Agent Feature: From Home Based to a Thriving Storefront: Published Author Jennifer Maki Shares her Adventure

An Interview By: Joanie Ogg, Co-Founder, Travel Professional NEWS
Interviewing: Jennifer Maki, Owner / Travel Agent – Divine Destinations 


The Power of Community

Written By: Jesse Morris, Owner – We Book Travel LLC 


Top 10 Reasons to Use a Host Travel Agency in 2019

Written By: Tom Ogg


Travel Professional Community

15,000 Travel Professionals and Growing


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October 2019

It’s with great joy that I share this October 2019 issue of Travel Professional NEWS with you. I am certain that there is information, education and tools within these pages to help you grow, succeed and flourish as a Travel Professional. It’s an exciting time for our business as 2020 approaches and we are excited to show you all of the new things we have been working on, very soon. 


As the new year creeps into picture, slightly more each day, we are excited to be joined by Ann Chamberlin, VP of Sales for the Scenic Eclipse, a ship that may very well revolutionize the reality of luxurious adventure travel for the world. Join myself and Ann for a great discussion about the Scenic Eclipse, it’s road to existence and some of the amazing benefits that only can be found on-board. 


As the pages unfold, join our good friend Cris De Souza of Nexion Travel Group for a fantastic insight into the power that Nexion Travel Group has cultivated as a Host Agency. From education, increased profits and a wide variety of tools in your reach, Nexion Travel Group has truly enhanced the value offered as a Host Agency for Travel Professionals. 


There is no doubt that adventure and active travel has been on an upswing and I had the opportunity to chat with Sasha Andrews of Exodus Travels on their top sellers, trends and what’s to come as we look forward. Take a trip with Joanie Ogg for a fantastic look at the 2019 PATH Symposium and the amazing opportunities that are being created by the Host Agency marketplace for Travel Professionals, both new and experienced. 


There is simply too many great features to list in this introduction so my last words for the October 2019 issue of Travel Professional NEWS is to grab a coffee, get comfortable and enjoy the amazing information to follow.


Thank you for being the best part of Travel Professional NEWS and we appreciate your time, comments and support. 


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