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Not Your Average Host Agency – Avoya is a Different Kind of Travel Network

Not Your Average Host Agency - Avoya is a Different Kind of Travel Network


Avoya Travel®, an American Express Travel Representative, has over 50 years of travel expertise and is known in the industry for having a reputation built on Integrity and Professionalism™. One of the world’s most innovative travel companies, Avoya has a unique model that integrates technology and people to create the best value for consumers, Independent Agencies, and supplier partners. This Shared Success™ model focuses on creating mutually beneficial relationships and supports Avoya’s commitment to helping Independent Agencies build rewarding businesses.



Unlike other leading networks who boast a large number of affiliated agents in their network, Avoya Travel emphasizes quality over quantity. Although the Avoya Travel Network™ consists of fewer Independent Agencies than some other leading networks, these are some of the highest performing independent travel agencies in the industry.


When we say we have power in numbers, we’re referring to sales per Avoya Network member rather than head count. When it comes to securing exclusive pricing, promotions, and commission tiers from suppliers, for example, it’s sales volume that counts and not the number of travel agencies in your network.


So, how exactly is Avoya helping Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network achieve higher sales volumes than many travel agencies in other leading networks? There are many components involved, but we might run out of space over these next few pages if we cover them all, so we’ll just stick to the following four:

  • Live Leads™
  • The highest support ratio
  • Amazing professional education and development programs
  • Ensuring the right Independent Agency fit from the start



As we all know, the heart of any sales-oriented business is customers; without customers you won’t make any sales. We also know that customers, for the most part, don’t just appear at your digital doorstep. It takes a lot of time and money to find customers who are ready to purchase the products and services you sell. Then consider how competitive this industry is; not only are you competing with other independent travel agents, you’re also competing with OTAs and the suppliers themselves when consumers book directly through their website. Unless you have a never-ending list of family, friends, and referrals who are constantly traveling, at some point you’ll run out of customers.


So, what’s the solution to this eminent problem?

Getting help. One of the main resources travel professionals look for in a host or franchise network is the marketing programs that can help them get new customers, or better yet, a lead program.


At Avoya, we want Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network to do what they’re best at – selling travel, not spending countless hours and dollars looking for new customers.


This gives us the first reason Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network are among the highest performing in the industry; they don’t need to look for new customers if they don’t want to. Avoya provides Avoya Network members with the luxury of having customers sent directly to them – saving them time and money that would have otherwise been spent sourcing new customers. This optional, proprietary program is Live Leads™; the first and most successful lead program in the industry that offers new customers exclusively to Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network at no additional cost.


What makes Live Leads different than all the other lead programs offered by other networks?

  1. Avoya Live Leads are customers who are ready to plan and book their vacation.
  2. They’re matched to Independent Agencies by specialty, so you can be confident that all the customers you receive are interested in the products you know best.
  3. Live Leads are accessible at any time, from anywhere, by phone, web, or mobile app, allowing you to claim new customers and begin booking on the go.
  4. Lastly, and quite possibly most importantly, they are sent to you and only you, so there’s no need to worry about being in competition with your colleagues in the Avoya Network.


“Avoya Travel’s Live Leads program allows me to do what I do well, sell. Avoya takes so much of running a business out of my hands so that I can spend more time developing a better understanding of the business and more importantly, my clients.” 

David Walsh, Owner of CWCruises LLC, an Independent Agency in the Avoya Travel Network.


Although we do the marketing for you, Live Leads is an optional program, and so we also provide other resources if you prefer to do your own marketing. Additionally, we have resources to help you stay top of mind with past customers and nurture the relationships you have with your own client database. To learn more about these resources, visit



An issue that may arise at other networks with a much larger number of agencies, is a shortage of support available to each travel agency. Fortunately, you won’t find that in the Avoya Network.


We have the highest support ratio in the industry, with one support staff member to every seven independent agencies, so you’ll never be in business alone in the Avoya Network. Avoya’s support staff is available to help your business in all ways imaginable; from securing the best exclusive deals from suppliers, helping with group bookings, and applying the best promotions to offering suggestions and ideas important to operating your own business.


Not only do you have access to live support seven days a week from Avoya’s support staff, you also have support resources available 24/7, such as Avoya’s Community Forum. Accessible online through Agent Power™; Avoya’s award-winning, proprietary Travel Agency Operating System™, the Community Forum allows you to ask questions, look for suggestions, and collaborate with your colleagues in the Avoya Network. Useful information from Avoya’s support staff on a wide variety of topics is also archived, meaning you can always reference the discussions when needed.


“Avoya has a huge amount of dedicated staff specializing in the business of travel. No question goes unanswered. The support request system and the staff answering all your questions are absolutely amazing. You will not feel alone or unsupported.” 

Marie Rosenbaum, Owner of Oceanview Travels LLC, an Independent Agency in the Avoya Travel Network.


Having this strong support system consisting of both Avoya staff and fellow Independent Agencies empowers Independent Agency owners in the Avoya Network to reach their full potential and ultimately achieve greater success for their independent travel business. Avoya is committed to helping travel professionals achieve that success, and is truly more than just a network; it’s one of the world’s top travel companies built on the core beliefs of family, unity, and a love of travel. Whether you have years of experience selling travel or you’ve just started, Avoya provides support equally across the board.



Another factor contributing to the success of Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network is the ongoing professional development and educational programs Avoya offers. Many networks provide exceptional training at the initial stage of your affiliation, but fail to deliver in the months and years following, leaving you to fend for yourself as the industry evolves. Owning a business in a fast-paced and dynamic industry requires continuous inbound knowledge. In addition to learning about new products and industry trends, it’s also necessary to learn sales best practices and business strategies to keep your business moving forward.


Avoya offers more high-quality resources than any other network.


One of the most impactful programs that Avoya offers is the optional, award-winning Mastermind Program™, which provides motivational support, networking, and valuable shared knowledge. Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network that want to improve their overall success and profitability can utilize the program’s peer-to-peer think tanks, one-to-one strategies, sales best practices, business foundations, role playing, and business coaching.


As an in-person extension of this program, Avoya offers a series of Mastermind Academies and Academies at Sea that are each crafted to different experience levels. Unlike Avoya’s other educational programs, the Mastermind Academies focus on coaching Independent Agencies on how to be successful, rather than how to sell travel.


The Mastermind Program continues to grow each year and help more and more Independent Agencies reach well above industry-average sales. This highly-effective program is helping participants perform higher than their non-participant counterparts by over 43%.


“Avoya Travel believes in Independent Agencies like mine and gives us all the resources necessary to be successful. From the beginning, Avoya University provided a great platform for professional education on using and navigating Agent Power and Avoya’s other systems. Coming from a sales development background, I appreciate the optional Mastermind programs, coaching, and suggestions that Avoya provides to help me accelerate my success with Live Leads and in running my business overall.”

Jonathan Cerreta, Owner of Vertias Travel LLC, an Independent Agency in the Avoya Travel Network.


Another educational program is Avoya UniversityTM, which provides optional and on-demand courses that offer insight and best practices on important topics such as business, sales tips, travel industry education, and more, which are presented by expert Avoya staff members and supplier partners. With 24/7 acces to hundreds of recorded courses via Agent Power, Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network have the flexibility to learn at their own pace from wherever and whenever they want.


Additional opportunities for development and growth include weekly broadcasted webinars hosted by Avoya to provide updates, sales tips, and the latest exclusive offers to Independent Agencies in a live and interactive format. Hundreds of other supplier and destination educational opportunities are also scheduled regularly, as well as sales-focused webinars.


The annual Avoya conference is another great and popular resource that Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network can take advantage of, and consists of educational programming, networking, and entertainment.


“As an Independent Agency owner, I have the best of all worlds. Avoya provides quality leads, marketing, professional education, and fair compensation for commissions. I can concentrate on selling and customer service. A large part of the support that allowed us to be so successful from the beginning is the Mastermind Program. This is all included in our affiliation – no extra costs that many other hosts charge extra for. From help with business plans, goal setting, one-to-one mentoring and shared best practices, we have found our home as members of the Mastermind Program within Avoya Travel. I only wish we had found Avoya Travel years ago.”

Cyd Clifford, Owner of TravelWorks LLC, an Independent Agency in the Avoya Travel Network



When we mentioned ‘ensuring the right Independent Agency fit from the start’, here’s what we mean. We want to grow the Avoya Network with travel professionals who are passionate about planning and selling vacations, who are driven to succeed, and who understand that it takes time and commitment to run an independent business. Avoya’s host agency model is not a good fit for hobbyists and those who want to sell travel for the sole purpose of getting discounts. We maintain this standard so that when you affiliate your Independent Agency with the Avoya Network, you know that you’re joining a network of like-minded travel professionals who are eager to be among the best in the industry.


As an Independent Agency owner in the Avoya Network, the only thing we ask of you is to run your independent business with Integrity and Professionalism, everything else is up to you. You can work when, where, and how you want, and Avoya will support you in selling the vacation products you love and with growing your business.



Not to toot our own horn, but we must be doing something right because travel professionals just like you have voted Avoya as Best Host Agency for four consecutive years. We’re the only host agency to ever be awarded the Gold Travvy Award in this category since the Travvy Awards’ inception, and we sure are proud of the Avoya Network and support staff who we could not have done this without. Thank you for the ongoing support we receive!


As Avoya’s Shared Success™ model implies; we don’t do well unless you do well, and we’re here to support you on your journey to success.


We invite you to read the stories of a handful of Independent Agency owners in the Avoya Network to get a firsthand account of how Avoya helps maximize the success of their Independent Agencies.


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If you’re considering joining a host agency, or if you’re part of a network already and are looking to complement their offerings with the programs and resources in the Avoya Travel Network, contact us today at 1-888-320-4670 or visit to learn more.