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Nexion Travel Group Expands Escape Omnichannel Marketing Program

Nexion Travel Group Expands Escape Omnichannel Marketing Program

Host agency has evolved its consumer marketing platform


IRVING, TX (September 13, 2019)Nexion Travel Group has significantly expanded its consumer marketing program over the past two years and is continuing to evolve its comprehensive omnichannel Escape platform, designed to enable members to reach clients in all parts of the sales funnel. This best-in-class marketing program gives Nexion Travel Group members access to a complete suite of consumer-facing tools that can be branded with their own agency name and call to action.


“Nexion Travel Group is the only host agency to offer this sophisticated program,” said Jackie Friedman, CTC, CTIE, President of Nexion Travel Group. “Our independent travel advisor members work in a competitive industry and it is our job to provide them the tools to make their business a success.  The multi-faceted Escape program, which we continue to build upon and enhance, is a comprehensive marketing solution that enables advisors to reach their clients through a variety of channels with highly effective marketing messages that are branded with their agency name and contact information.”


Powered by Travel Leaders Networks’ award-winning engagement platform, key elements of the Escape program include theEscapemagazine and Escape InsiderEscapemagazine is an attractive glossy publication that offers compelling content on in-demand destinations, along with travel tips and stunning photography, while Escape Insideris a multi-channel marketing campaign designed to expose consumers at regular intervals to vacation options and special offers.


Published quarterly, EscapeMagazine helps inspire travelers to act on their travel dreams. The 40-plus page publication centers around specific themes in each issue, with a variety of articles, photo essays and vacation offerings from preferred suppliers. In 2020, Escape Magazine will be focusing on experiential travel, holiday travel, luxury travel and family vacations. Publication dates will be in April, July, September and December. EscapeMagazine is sent to an average of 20,000 subscribers per quarterly issue.


Escape Insideris a tactical campaign that entices travelers with options for booking in the near future. A 28-page brochure full of travel offers is published nine times a year. To complement that, Nexion Travel Group members can also access emails through the Escape omnichannel campaign that are sent every other week to their clients, along with social media assets and website banners and blogs. Over 250,000 emails have been sent thus far, and social media assets used in the Escape omnichannel have been viewed over 380,000 times.


Once the travel advisor opts in to the Escapecampaign, each edition is sent to highly targeted consumer clusters based on predictive analysis tools done behind the scenes. This includes travel history within each Nexion Travel Group member’s CRM as well as partnering with Cohorts for targeted consumer segmentation. Cohorts, which looks at different demographic, psychographic and lifestyle categories, uses advanced clustering techniques to place consumers in more than 70 naturally occurring groups of similar households. Nexion Travel Group and Travel Leaders Network append demographic data (such as life stages, family status and economic status) to the Nexion Travel Group member’s customer names and addresses on their behalf and at no cost to members.


“We are thrilled to continue to offer and expand Escape,” said Cris de Souza, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Nexion Travel Group. “It is an attractive and effective solution for our members who want a professional consumer-facing campaign that comes to their clients from the advisor’s business. Whether they are seeking print or digital marketing solutions, the Escape omnichannel offering delivers. As we move into 2020, we will be expanding the platform even further, inclusive of the much-anticipated launch of Escape Vacations.”


All travel professionals interested in learning how to succeed as a professional business owner, backed by Nexion Travel Group’s many great benefits, are encouraged to call 800-747-6813 or email



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